So obviously with the classics line, He-Man is a pretty successful series. However, do you think it became successful because it came out right at the perfect time? Was it the cartoon that made it successful? Do you think that if Mattel and Filmation had stuck with He-Man being just a simple barbarian it would have still be the hit it was in both toys and cartoons, or do you think the series would have ended sooner?

As I have said before, I grew up on the cartoon, so to me, He-Man was Adam and all that stuff. However, I just recently looked into some of the pre-Filmation concepts and gazed through the original mini-comics on the site (I tried to read them, but when the pages have no semblance of order, it is kind of hard) and I have to say that there were some things in there I saw that were quite impressive. In fact, I hate to say it, but I think He-Man is much better with a smaller cast of just a few characters instead of this huge amount of friends and family and soldiers and subjects and others running about. Plus, I think they could have really taken the concept of the sword halves somewhere if they had truly desired to.