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Thread: NON-SUB Fan Choice figure in 2014?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prahvus View Post
    Let's not be delusional here, please : a non-sub fan choice figure in 2014 is just complete utopia ! We're not even sure that we'll get one regular figure per month, so I don't think there's the slightest chance for a fan choice figure...

    IF it had to happen though (but it's an enormous "if"), I'd like for that 2014 fan choice figure to be Illumina.
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    I would like Crimson Fury (UK PoP Comic) to come out at some point.
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    1. Wind Raider Pilot
    2. Illumina
    3. Crimson Fury
    4. General Sundar
    5. Plundor
    6. Red Beast
    7. Mini-Comic Trap Jaw
    8. Camo Khan

    So many choices, I actually hope my list wouldn't be accurate if they did this becasue I want all of those very badly.

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