Ok, I know people can charge whatever they want, I haven't any problem with that, my problem well a peeve really is sellers who see an item listed at a price and then price their item at the same high price, but none of the items at that price MOVE! Is it ignorance? do sellers believe that a listed price on ebay (with NO activity) is the actual value of the item? Or are they waiting for buyers to get desperate enough to pay the price? I watch a lot of these auctions (a lot of times to remind me of future wants) and they NEVER sell. a few examples, Leech stactions listed at $299, Hot Toys Batman Begins listed at $799 and so forth.

The reason it's a peeve is two fold, one as a potential buyer I won't pay those prices, and two future sellers see these listings and figure hey, I will list it at that price too since it's going for that!" but just because it's listed at that price doesn't mean it's valued at that. these sellers keep relisting at those prices too!! Don't they realize NO ONE IS BUYING?!?!

at the end of the day it doesn't affect my life but good God, I would like to see legitimate pricing. this collector culture has ****ed up the market for sure.