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What are you talking about??? They are being realistic about release dates and they informed us when they knew he was going to be delayed. Maybe it's the fans that need to be more realistic about release dates and understand that so much goes into producing something that delays can and do happen all the time. I have to think that a lot of people on this board only have ever collected this line. So many toy lines experience delays and have horrible communication with fans. I remember an entire wave of Buffy figures that was supposed to be release one August many years ago, August came and went without the figures, and we were told they were delayed 6 six weeks, then we were informed they were cancelled! So that shows the release date came and went and they weren't even in production! I think Mattel do a pretty good job of getting a majority of their figures released in their targeted month.

Judging by when review samples hit, I would say Ram Man was produced in plenty of time to arrive for this month, but that some other factor played in his delay. Something out of Mattel's control...like the strike at the ports!
I think it is more that Scott made comments to the fact that they were doing things to avoid delays in 2013 and then the very first month there is a delay. As well as what seems like a lot of hollow promises when he wants something, like the sub to go through or CG to be made, but then after the rush is over he back tracks a little. Like for the sub he said they wanted to get everything done, giving the impression that after 2014 or so we would feel that we had a "complete" collection, then right after sub sale drive, he said we not even get a 2014 sub.