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Thread: Free comics for friends! Post here if you'd like comics that I colored at NO charge!

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    Free comics for friends! Post here if you'd like comics that I colored at NO charge!

    If you like my color work, or would like to check out what I do for a living, here's your chance! I do this from time to time when I get a build up of comps from publishers. So I'm clearing out my left-over comp stock.

    Below is the list of comics. You can pick up to 3 individual comics. It's first-come-first-serve so please look at the person ahead of you to make sure you aren't asking for something that's already taken. And I'll do my best to update the list periodically with who requested what until they are all gone.

    I have multiple copies of some issues. For example, (x2) means I have two copies.

    These are reader copies! They are not going to be shipped in any collectible condition. Please read them then keep them or pass them on to someone else.

    You don't have to pay anything. I'll ship them to you for free. They will be sent the cheapest way possible, so my apologies if they arrive horribly damaged or if they get lost and never show at all.

    Please post below which three comics you'd like.

    Colored by me (either interior pages and/or the cover):
    Action Comics Annual #1 - InspectorZartan
    Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #1 (x2) - Scotward, MOTU_Maniac
    Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #2 (x2) - Scotward, MOTU_Maniac
    Driver 1-shot - Mermista
    HALO: Fall of Reach: Covenant #2 -Zargon
    HALO: Fall of Reach: Covenant #3 (x3) -Zargon, Barezz, TJRules
    HALO: Fall of Reach: Invasion #1 -wolfsfang
    HALO: Fall of Reach: Invasion #2 -wolfsfang
    HALO: Fall of Reach: Invasion #4 -wolfsfang
    Hulk #50 - He-Dad
    Hulk #51 (x4) - He-Dad, InspectorZartan, MOTU_Maniac, Replikor
    National Comics - Eternity 1-shot - Mermista
    New Mutants #29 (x2) - BCreviews4628, Jukka
    Suicide Squad #1 (x2) - Clawful Ofit, TJRules
    Suicide Squad #3 -Rain
    Suicide Squad #4 -Rain
    Suicide Squad #5 (x2) -Rain, Clawful Ofit
    Suicide Squad #7 (x2) -Clawful Ofit, Jukka
    The Tick (Meets Madman) #101 (x5) - InspectorZartan, Dynamo of Eternia, Replikor, Zargon

    Comics sent to me for reference that I no longer need. I did not work on these:
    Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #2 (x5) - TJRules
    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1 - He-Dad
    The Shade #3 (x2)

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    I would like the He-man, and Hulk 50,51 if I could. Thanks.

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    I'd love to check out the Tick issue the Action Annual and Hulk 51... But I'd really want to at least give you the buck or two to cover shipping.

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    I would like:

    Hulk #51
    Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #1
    Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #2

    Thanks Man! That is awesome of you!! But really, I don't mind paying for shipping
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    I'd like Incredible Hulk #181, please. Thanks!
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    Awesome! Thanks for doing this!

    I'd like The Tick #101.

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    I would to give that Hulk #51 to my son! He is a NUT for Hulk comics! HE has boxes full of em, an reads em daily! Never seen a lil kid keep comics on board an back like he does... love my special lil boy.

    I would love a copy of Tick myself if its still available.

    [keepin my fingers crossed]
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    If it's cool and they're still available, I'd like these:

    HALO: Fall of Reach: Covenant #3
    Suicide Squad #1
    Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #2
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    I wouldn't mind checking out Suicide Squad 1-3!

    So no Baron Von Shock? Is that even a thing anymore?
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    Aw man, no Red She-Hulk?

    I just wanted to express my enjoyment of the work you did on Red She-Hulk; she's one of my favorite books right now.
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