It looks good and promising since it's from series creator Sam Raimi and made by a fan of the original plus they stated no CGI is used but old fashioned special effects which sounds great.

Sometimes a good horror remake is hard to find as there can be an occasional gem but sometimes a dozen misfires that can only tarnish the legacy of the original, Moviefone has made this unique article which is advice to the filmmakers and studios out there on how to do a good horror movie remake:

Who agrees with the rules, worst culprits and best examples? i did liked Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I agree with Sarah on the comments that on part 5 the last 2 examples on "Stay away from torture porn" don't make sense as the original 1972 and 1978 versions of Last House on The Left and I Spit on Your Grave were originally torture porn films and were marketed as shocking violent exploitation movies yet still are torture porn films and that if you look through the gore of the remakes they are both decent as i agree.

Who thinks on number 8 "Honor the original" they should had also added Night of the Living Dead 1990, Cat People (1982), Cape Fear (1990) and Nosferatu (1922) on there as they fall in this rule.

The Thing (1982) was NOT a remake it's a misconception, it was another adaptation of John Campbell's 1938 novella "Who Goes There" which was previously adapted before in 1951 and Carpenter's adaptation is more faithful to the original story.