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Thread: What other brands/licenses would you like to see on Mattycollector

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    What other brands/licenses would you like to see on Mattycollector

    I think one factor in growing the fan base for Classics is seeing Mattycollector grow. In recent years we've seen a handful of brands on Mattycollector (Ghostbusters, Voltron, WWE Legends, Back to the Future) but going into 2013 the only two brands putting out regular product on Mattycollector are MOTU and DC, which really means MOTU is carrying a lot of the weight to keep Mattycollector going. Rather if it's a potentially ongoing property like DC, a property like Voltron that lasts briefly and is then complete, or a media attractor like the Hoverboard it seems like getting more fan bases frequenting Mattycollector is something that helps not only the site stay afloat but helps MOTU Classics be discovered by new fans. I know a handful of fans who only subscribed to MOTU due to deciding to subscribe to DC or Voltron. I'm not saying this was a huge number but it was a contributor to growth for the brand.

    Technically I myself only really came to the Mattycollector site due to the Ghostbusters line. When MOTU Classics first started I was only an occasional toy collector (unlike today). I mostly picking up a handful of toys when at comic conventions, etc, and wasn't yet any sort of completist. At the time I think I had just the SDCC King Grayskull, He-Man, Skeletor, SDCC He-Ro, and maybe Hordak (all things I bought at conventions). After that I was pretty much done with Classics (pending an Orko release). It wasn't until I picked up the SDCC Ghostbusters Egon that I ended up actually going to the Mattycollector site to find out when the other three Ghostbusters were coming out. This is how I really got hooked into Classics, by looking for Ghostbusters I ended up really seeing the site and the depths of MOTU figures new and old being released each month. Even though I may not have stuck with Ghostbusters in the long run (didn't need all the variants) it did work in getting me really hooked into Classics which lead to me becoming an all in subscriber to the line.

    Digital river aside, I really like the Mattycollector idea and would love to see it grow. So for fun, what toy brands and licenses would you like to see Mattycollector pick up and carry in the near future? It doesn't necessarily have to be a big attention getting brand, just any brand that could potentially be available to Mattel (so obviously not Star Wars or Turtles or anything already picked up or owned by someone else), and has to be something that would seem to make sense being a part of an adult collector oriented website. Hopefully we'll see some cool new brands or licenses announced for 2014 at Toy Fair or SDCC.
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