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Thread: DCUC for loose complete MOTUC Teela

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    DCUC for loose complete MOTUC Teela

    I'm posting everything in their respective areas, but this trade list and those under MOTU 200X will be combined for a loose, complete MOTU Classics Fisto or Kobra Khan.

    TRU Supergirl from 2-pack
    DCU Green Lantern wave 2:

    Sodam Yat - complete
    Star Sapphire Carol Ferris - complete
    G'HU - complete
    B'DG, Dex-Starr and Despotellis - complete
    Naut Kei Loi/Medphyll - complete
    Skallox/Nite-Lik - complete

    Validus - right leg

    Please PM if interested. Thanks for your time.
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