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Thread: Akira the manga (aka comic) : 35th anniversary!

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    Akira the manga (aka comic) : 35th anniversary!

    Can you believe it's been 35 years since this amazing manga hit Japan? and it's almost 30 since it hit the USA and everywhere in the world as it's one of those comics like Alan Moore's stuff, Frank Miller's and others changing mainstream comics forever.

    I read the manga about 25 years ago after seeing the movie Akira on video after hearing about it in magazines and all over the years since 1989 and the movie blew me away at age 11 25 years ago and bought some back issues of the comic and been one of my faves.
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    In 1988, Akira was released as a movie. And also, in that same year, it was published by Epic Comics in the United States until 1996.
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