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Thread: BAF pieces for grabs

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    BAF pieces for grabs

    I have these BAF pieces looking to get rid off all good condition.

    right leg of some white robot guy forget his name the upper torso of a robot green lantern guy forget his name as well and a right arm of some indian guy sorry dont know his name and a nekron head.

    each piece 5 dollars pluss shipping.

    im allso looking to get rid of a nearly compleat collection of dino warriors that where target exclusives way back when.only missing one red haired varient allso a nearly compleat set of FH minotors.decided to keep only one.the rest are mint on card.
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    I'm not trying to insult you or anything but I laughed hard reading your desrciptions. Made my day

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    White robot guy=STRIPE
    Green Lantern robot=Stel
    Indian guy =Apache Chief

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