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Thread: Subscribers That Purchase Extras On Sale Days

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    Subscribers That Purchase Extras On Sale Days

    This was just a curious question that I was wondering now that the price point for MOTUC figures will be $27 for sale days........If you are a subscriber that has bought extra figures on sale days.......are you going to continue to purchase them on sale days or just be happy with your subscription?

    I bought one sub, because I wanted to be guaranteed every figure without not getting one due to a fast sellout. I've actually been collecting two of each figure....opening one and saving the other in the package until my two year old son grows up to be interested in them.

    However, I really don't like variant figures and did not want to pay for two of them a month, so I had one sub and would buy the extra sub figure and skip the variant figure on sale days.

    Now that the price on sale days has risen to $27, I feel that these figures at this price point cost more than they are worth, so I am no longer going to be buying extras on sale days. I'm just going to stick to my one figure for the sub, and if my son really likes these when he gets older, then he can have the ones that I only have singles of as well.

    So how many of you subscribers will continue purchasing sub figures on sale days, and how many of you are like me and say that it's too much money, now?
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    I will not be buying any extras day of. I actually went ahead and got two subs this year, partly because there were actually a lot of figures in 2012 I wanted two of. Of course, pretty much every figure revealed for 2013 really hasn't made me want a second.

    Oh well.

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    I will not be buying extras or reissues this year. The price vs. value just isn't there. There are some characters I think 22 was too much for! Anyway, I'll stick with one of each and trade off my undesirables for the older ones I want.

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    No, I won't be, $25 is my cap for these fresh from the retail source, $27 is a ridiculous price, and unless they toss out Mantenna, Castaspella, Dragstor or Two Bad as Non sub items....I will not be buying anything Non Sub either, except Griffin, since his price only went up $2 and I missed him the first time.

    I bought a few extras in 2012 for customs or just to open when I still had a primarily MOSC collection....but I open almost everything now, and keep the packaging so, I can get both as I wish. So no more extras for me in 2013....I likely won't see a DOS again until 2014 if even then.

    $27 is well too much for these things from Matty, I expected a mark-up from BBTS for those I would have missed or had to play catch-up with in early 2012, late 2011, but now that I am caught up aside from Griffin....I have no need to pay that much for retail, that is why I got the sub to be at my even high end $25 cap, but unlike 2012, 2013 so far has only a few to offer me, so I look to be selling off the unwanted ones to fund Castle Grayskull. So far all I plan to keep are, Ram-Man, Netossa (maybe, still undecided), Fang Man (I love the Filmation accessories) Foe Men (maybe I'll decide upon review time), King He-Man (only because he's the exclusive), & Snake Face, the rest can go bye bye. And no I didn't forget Jitsu, I really don't care for him at all. And trying to pay for Castle Grayskull is another reason I won't be buying hardly anything from DOS or non sub.
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    I'm still waiting for a window of time before shipping dates to add things to my monthly Matty tab. It really shouldn't be that difficult to do, but this is Digital River we are talking about.

    This wouldve been much better than the BS subscriber "early access" which is quite pointless since it doesn't include sub items.

    I'd rather save on overpriced, slow shipping than anything. Hate having to make multiple orders when they have non-sub items.
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    I got 2 subs because of that sutuation, there are some figures, I want 2 of, so I don't want have to deal with matty ever again.

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    I've always only had one sub but liked to pick up extras of certain figures I really like to keep in package or to display alternate heads/looks, but at the new price without being able to combine shipping I've kinda been priced out of getting that many extras in the future. I'm sure there's still a few ill try and get a second of but it will be very limited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Marzo View Post
    I'm still waiting for a window of time before shipping dates to add things to my monthly Matty tab. It really shouldn't be that difficult to do, but this is Digital River we are talking about.

    This wouldve been much better than the BS subscriber "early access" which is quite pointless since it doesn't include sub items.

    I'd rather save on overpriced, slow shipping than anything. Hate having to make multiple orders when they have non-sub items.
    I totally agree.

    What is the point of early access when it is for items that aren't likely to sell out anyway? Plus, we are getting early access to items on which we will pay more shipping!?!

    Also, with the fabled "My Sub" page (finally) coming to fruition, why on earth will we have to pay separate shipping on early and non-early orders??? Shouldn't this page act just like BBTS's pile-of-loot page?
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    Nothing changes for me. I'll buy my extras when I want them such as Ram Man.

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    The only things I want doubles of are the NA characters. Thankfully I am working out a deal with another subber so I can get them for the sub price and not Matty prices.
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    Depends on if there is an extra head that I wish to display.

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    I have been buying 2 of each figure for a couple years now. For figures with alternate heads, I have picked up 3 on most. I bought into the scarcity scare tactic by Matty and I picked up 3 subs this year. I figure I didnt want to miss on anything and this covers me for the double head figures. I can always sell off the ones I do not want or just keep them, I dont mind. I will still pick up extra army builders if necessary, like the Horde Troopers, if/when they come out.

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    As in previous years, I refuse to buy extras since Matty refuses to ship them with my sub. I will not pay double shipping when I shouldn't have to. Not combining early access items with my sub items really hurts the benefit of the early access. It isn't an issue of logistics. It's an issue of it isn't Matty's priority. They have had since the sub began to figure out how to combine shipping.
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    Very unlikely that I will. That could be shipping 3 times in 1 month. Sub, Early Access & DOS. There may be a case or two in which I do, like when I get DC stuff since I didn't get that sub, but no for the most part.
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    Unlike the last few years where I had two subs, I ordered 4 subs in the mad craze to ensure the line survived, so I wont need to order extras on sale day for any figures like I have in the past for those with 2 heads or mix-match possibilities. In fact, I should have at least one unwanted extra of each, sometimes two

    The only figures I will need to purchase more of from Matty are army builders and non-sub items. It will be great not having to get up at 3am at all to buy figures.
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    At $27 and the inability to combine shipping with the sub, I definitely won't be buying any extras this year. This goes for potential army builders too. 1 of everything will have to suffice.

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    So far the only one I bought more of on day of sale was Trap Jaw way back in the day so I could display Kronis. I did consider a second Horde Prime but ended up not biting. I will buy more Horde Troopers though if they come out despite the higher cost of things now.
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    I got 2 subs one moc one to open and yea ill still more
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    I buy just 1 sub. I do buy extras of the vintage figures that have been Classisized for my loose collection such as Ram Man,Jitsu,Snake Face & Octavia....though she has never had a figure she's part of the Horde & I've gotta have her loose.

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    I bought 3 subs, (1 to open, 1 for my son, and on some figures one to display the second head/look [Fighting Foe Men] or to keep MOC for me [RamMan]). And I will be selling the extra figure on the months I don't want 3 of (like Netossa, Jitsu, Snake Face, NA He-man, etc). So for me, I will only be buying day of sale things for an army builder (if there is one) and things outside the sub. Now if I have friends that want things I will be buying day of sale, but that will be their cost not mine.

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    It depends on the figure, but I'll likely be more selective in this regard than in the past due to the price point. I typically buy extras if the figure comes with a second head AND I actually want to display both heads (in the case of Ram-Man, I really don't care much for his unhelmeted head, so I'm just sticking with the one from my subscription).

    The issue of the early access comes into play as well. I actually find it more of an inconvenience than a convenience since if there is a non-sub item that qualifies for early access, AND also a sub item that I want to get an extra of (which will not be available on early access), it will mean paying 3 separate shipping charges in the same month (and we WERE originally told that the early access items would combine with the sub, which now is not the case), or waiting to order the early access item until the sub items go up for sale and risk possibly missing out if something sells out. (I REALLY wish they either hadn't bothered with this early access non-sense, or made ALL items available for early access). As such, I will be strongly evaluating things from month to month and be very picky on anything I order outside of the sub. Luckily the only early access items that I would likely even order would be things like new weapons packs or any new non-sub figures that might come out, which tend to be few and far between these days.

    If we do get Horde Troopers this year (which it's strongly rumored that we will), I will likely buy several extra sets, but it will sting. I REALLY wish that we had gotten those last year instead and had the Snakemen army builder set come out this year year. I actually want to get a total of 5 or 6 sets of Horde Troopers, but only wanted 2 sets of Snakemen Warriors. With the price increase, it just makes it REALLY sting trying to get that many sets. But for the Horde Troopers, I will make the exception.

    I honestly don't know what Mattel is thinking by raising the price of the older figure stock all of the way up to $27. I'm not surprised that they did it since they previously increased it from $20 to $22, but do they really expect people to buy it at that price? Especially the "evergreen" items that they've apparently been sitting on for the past year since they've been up for perpetual sale? If people weren't jumping at them at last year's prices or even during previous sales (like the black friday/ cyber monday sales), do they really think they are going to sell in droves at $27?

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    I bought 4 subs in the frenzy to keep things going... So I won't need to buy anything DOS if it's part of the sub. If the 4th quarter item is an army builder, as we expect, 4 is plenty for me (only got 3-4 each of the PG and SM sets). There are a few figures revealed so far that I know I'll be displaying in multiples, but nothing beyond my sub numbers. For me, early access is going to be a boon for any new weapons pack, extra item, or additional SDCC exclusives I don't get at the show itself. I don't mind the extra shipping so much as it's no different than what we've been doing for years, but appreciate the opportunity to order before things are "open to the non-subscribing public" as a nice perk.

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    1 sub, no extras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Depends on if there is an extra head that I wish to display.
    Yeah I agree with MGM. I usually only buy doubles when there is an extra head to display.

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    If I want extras of the sub figures, I'm more likely to hit up someone in the Marketplace with extra subs then purchase off Matty.
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