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Thread: My 200x must go! All offers will be considered!

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    My 200x must go! All offers will be considered!

    I have tried in the past to sell my 200X collection with mixed results. So I'm trying again and hoping that taking offers instead of listing prices will help. Also, I'd be happy to open these if you want to save shipping. These are all currently MOC. There are no paint variants (no green Trap Jaw or gold Ram Man for example) but I have no idea if any of them have small variations. I only collected the most standard, iconic figures - no Smash Blade or Disco Ball figures. I will try to list which ones came on green cards. If it is not listed, than its a red card. No beasts, no vehicles.

    Beast Man (SOLD)
    Buzz Off (SOLD)
    Evil Lyn (SOLD)
    Fisto (green) (SOLD)
    General (Rattlor) (green) (SOLD)
    He-Man (SOLD)
    King Hiss (green) (SOLD)
    Kobra Khan (green) (SOLD)
    Man-At-Arms (SOLD)
    Man-E-Faces (SOLD)
    Mekaneck (SOLD)
    Mer Man (SOLD)
    Orko (SOLD)
    Prince Adam (SOLD)
    Ram Man (SOLD)
    Roboto (SOLD)
    Skeletor (SOLD)
    Stratos (SOLD)
    Sy-Klone (SOLD)

    Trap Jaw (pending)
    Tri-Klops (SOLD)
    Two Bad (SOLD)
    Whiplash (SOLD)
    Zodak (green) (SOLD)

    I'm pretty sure that's it but if I find anymore I will post them. I will listen to ALL offers on the lot, a group, singles, MOC, loose, whatever! They really need to go so take advantage of my urgency! At least I know they'll be going to other Orgers! Let me put it this way - if they do not sell this time, I'm donating the entire set to Goodwill.

    I'd prefer to ship within the US but, again, I will listen to ALL offers!
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