For Sale: Four Horsemen Seventh Kingdom Fantastic Exclusive Loose Anitherian (10)

I've got to make some room and these guys certainly take it up.
All figures are loose complete and in great shape.

Ramathorr the Swordsman is from the first release so he does have the wobbly joints but is still an awesome figure.
The Club of Thraugnn Red elephant
Ssejjhhorr Red mutant
The Guntlet of Vaskkh Rhino
Hammer of Gholl White Elephant
Helm of Xaanm Wart Hog
The Mace of Broggah Orange Elephant
Chalice of Guudenuph Pink Elephant
The shield of Draumm Hippo
Ggruxx Green Mutant

$240 for the set of 10 plus shipping (These guys are a bit heavy).

Will accept Paypal, Iíve got good reviews on the org and go by scribble-99 on Ebay.
Iím not ready to break these guys up just yet, all or none.
PM me if interested.