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Thread: need help with my messy collection look at this crap in sc

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    need help with my messy collection look at this crap in sc

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    U think that's messy?Your well organized compared to me!
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    Start by recycling all of the packages. Yes, I know that is going to be hard to think about, I went through the same thing about 6 months ago.
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    I was about to joke and say send it to me, but then had the serious thought: "where would I put all that?""
    Could we get some Meteorbs, Please???!!!

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    It looks like Count Marzo's house!

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    looks a little horder-esque. first get some kind of system even if it's push pins to hang up those carded figures, at least it gets them out of the way, then figure out how to display the rest. a collection makes no sense if it's not displayed, if you lack the room look into storage for the time being. my latest acquisition I{ haven't made space for, I need to get on that, put up some more temp shelves etc. until my house is built I won't be able to display as I wish, but it's better than nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchybabysc View Post
    need help with this mess
    Wait a sec. Your collection fits in just one room? Come back and talk to us when you have a real problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Start by recycling all of the packages. Yes, I know that is going to be hard to think about, I went through the same thing about 6 months ago.
    I went through the same thing around 2005. At some point you realize you can't have a big collection if everything is MOC. I decided to keep just a few things sealed but opened the rest. If it was something I didn't think I would enjoy loose then I realized I didn't need it and either sold it or gave it to a friend. I kept my MOC 80's toys sealed of course.
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    Storage totes my friend.....stackable storage totes. Or more shelving. Start displaying!

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    Seems pretty tame to me. You still got place where you can move around freely. You're good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
    It looks like Count Marzo's house!
    Having a slumber party with Marzo, hmmmmmm Sandy? Nice!
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