I know what I am about to discuss has been spoken about before, but I just read something that got me thinking about it again. While I don't necessarily agree with the way MirrorBlue presented his/her argument, or even some of their examples, Scott's answer did make me ponder some things. Here was the original Question and Answer on Ask Matty:


Scott's example on how Terry made Shadow Weaver "richer purple" was a revision that worked really well, in my opinion. And, personally, I'm fine with the red snakes coming out of Snake Face's chest. However, he continues to say, "When you change a figure into an articulated toy made of plastic, colors that worked in a prototype often don't work in a toy. That is Ruben and his design team's job. And they work hand and hand with the Horsemen to come up with the end result."

This brings me to Bubble Power She-Ra, a figure that's paintmaster had bright white applied and so did the final figure. I always saw this as an improvement on She-Ra 1.0, partly because collectors and fans commented on how gray the original figure's whites were. If it was possible to maintain the white portions of her figure, something that started with the Four Horsemen's paintmaster and was eventually executed by Terry and his design team, then why isn't it possible for Frosta, a SNOW queen and Netossa to maintain the white applications as originally seen in their Paintmasters?

Scott continues to say, "Not every choice will work for every fan, but that is all part of the creative process." The issue with this is, there were several instances where collectors, fans, and toy reviewers stated their concerns that Frosta needed to have her WHITE paint application from the moment she was revealed at NYTF. Up until SDCC, adjustments were still being made on her in regards to her face deco. With the concerns of white paint being stressed between these conventions, how could it seem like a logical design choice to go with gray when it is apparently possible to execute white? Even without the public being vocal....snow is white; brilliant white, even. That's a no-brainer. Plus, there was already the experience with She-Ra and the white VS gray on her.

So, you can see why this particular response had me confused, because things just don't add up. Obviously, I don't have all the facts. If Scott or Reuben see this, please feel free to explain the thought process on this by addressing these questions.

And, if anyone else has opinions regarding this, please share them. But, please do so in a respectful and productive manner. Thank you.