Hopefully this isn't too pedestrian of a thread for this forum. Newbs like me often make these kinds of threads.

I spent a long time as a kid staring at the 8-back artwork on the back of my first MOTU figures. One of the things I really like about MOTUC is that that artwork now has figures that match up to it pretty well. The original He-Man matched his 8-back art, but Mer-Man did not. Etc.

I'd have to say my favorite is Mer-Man. Of all the vintage figures, the old Mer-Man strayed the furthest from his 8-back art. It's so fun to have that version in a figure finally. Furthermore, the figure just pops. Mer-Man isn't even my favorite character, but his figure is just beautiful in person. The shading in his armor and on his skin is just fantastic. I wish Skeletor's armor had more of that. Mer-Man is the only MOTUC I have a duplicate of (I have the blue version as well).

Mine has better shading than this example. But it's hard I think to do justice to Mer-Man in a photo. He looks better in person.

Sorry if this is a boring, rehashed topic.