Please READ before voting:

While we all knew that the figure prices were increasing for 2013, it does seem as if now that this has actually taken effect, there's a case of "sticker shock" in seeing figures marked at $27 on Matty Collector for manual orders, and with subscribers actually seeing the total charge for Netossa hitting their card which also includes a slight increase in the cost of shipping.

As we know, the sub this year was scaled down a bit, and now there is only a total of 4 quarterly items in addition to the 12 monthly figures (as opposed to the former total of 8 quarterly items split up between 4 quarterly variants AND 4 quarterly large-scale items).

Since there are fewer quarterly items, this means that we will have more occasions this year of only one single figure shipping at a time (in theory, 4 months out of the year will have a monthly figure + quarterly item, the the remaining 8 months will have only one figure). For subscribers, depending on the shipping method chosen and whether or not you pay tax, this could put the total for a single figure in the range of $35 to $40, maybe more. However, as we know, when more than 1 figure ships together, often times the shipping charge is either the same or only increases by a very small amount compared to shipping one figure.

So, what I'm proposing is this....

Would you be willing to have 4 months out of the year during which we get no new (sub-included) MOTUC product shipped to us, in exchange for having the monthly figures that would ship by themselves doubled up to save on shipping?

Theoretically each quarter, which is a 3 month period, would look something like this (though not necessarily in this exact order):

-One month we get two of the (formerly) "monthly" figures
-One month we get the other "monthly" figure and the quarterly item
-One month nothing that is included in the sub get shipped to us at all

Doing this would help, at least in part, offset some of the cost increased for this year. Even for the cheapest, most basic shipping options which tend to be around $10 to ship 1 or 2 figures, this would save people roughly $40 over the course of the year (which in essence eliminate the $5 price increase for 8 of the figures). For people who choose more expensive shipping methods, the savings would be even greater.

Plus if any new items come out during the year that are not included in the subscriptions (like weapons packs, stands, random additional one-off extra figures like BP She-Ra), they could release those during those months when no sub items come out, to help keep new product coming in at least a relatively consistent manner.

I'm keeping the voting options down to a simple "Yes" or "No".