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Thread: Questions for MOTU DC Comic (June 2012 - February 2016) creative team

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    Questions for MOTU DC Comic (June 2012 - February 2016) creative team

    I want to compile a list of outstanding questions fans have about the MOTU DC comic since the start (June 2012) and end this month (February 2016). These could possibly help give Jukka input for his next interview with Rob David and/or to be asked of Rob David and Pop Mhan at PowerCon 2016 (which I plan to attend).

    I will be re-reading all prior MOTU issues before Eternity War's last issue to be released on February 24th, and coming up with my own.

    Okay GO!!!!!

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    Great thread and idea Kesmai!

    First i would like to give my compliments to the creative team for their great work, and thank them for giving us a monthly epic MOTU comic that did justice to the franchise, for the past 4 years.

    Here are some questions that i would like to ask to the creative team.

    - In the Origin of Hordak we learn how he became the ruler of the Horde Empire, but how old is the Horde Empire itself? How old was Horde Prime when he was dethroned by his son Hordak?
    - Zodac was presented as the brother of Hordak, but he looks human. Was he and Hordak, half brothers or there is something else, behind their difference in appearance?
    - Zodac went against his brother, but how this happened? And the army of the Cosmic Enforcers existed before Zodac and he just join them, or it was Zodac, that create it, in order to stop his brother?
    - Is Zodac that he presented in astral form in later issues after the Origin one, the same Zodac that was destroyed by Hordak, and if indeed he is the same, how he come to have this form?
    - Is Hsss and the Snake Men, older than Hordak and his Empire? When exactly happened the events with Hsss and his attempt to take the Power of the Goddess, and then the punishment of himself and his people?
    - Is Hsss turned to a phantom/spectre, or to a parassitic form of life, after his punishment? How exactly he possess his victims?
    - Skeletor when he talked about the banishment of Orko and himself by Constantine, he spoke about Netherworld. What exactly is this? Another world or dimension like Trolla?
    - We learn about the relationship of Skeletor and Shadow Weaver in issue #7 of the Eternity War, but what exactly was the relationship of Keldor and Evil-Lyn, before he transformed? Were lovers, or just working together for the achievement of their personal goals?
    - Hordak seems to know and admire the Gar and their civilization from what Adora said. Are the Gar, natives of Eternia, or they came from another world or dimension?
    - In issue #5 of the Eternity War, we saw the picture of Granamyr in one of the walls of Mount Zoar. Are Granny and the Dragons still exist at DC Eternia?
    - Are Fisto and Duncan brothers in the DC Canon?
    - Is it going to be revealed at Adam and Teela that they are betrothed?
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    - When will we get a Stratos solo book?
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    MOTU Origin Hordak #1
    - How are Hordak and Zodac related?

    - What happened to Zodac after Hordak seemingly killed him?

    - What has Hordak been doing in the last 990,000 years until he invaded Eternia in King Grayskull's time?

    MOTU Digital # 1
    - How did Horde Prime's skull end up in the possession of Sir-Laser-Lot after seen in Hordak's hand 990,000 years ago in the Origin of Hordak?

    - Agent Spector is mentioned in this issue when Skeletor brings Horde Prime's skull and Sir-Laser-Lot to present day. Does he exist in this universe (if so where and what time period) or was he retconned (because he is never mentioned again)?

    - How was Sir-Laser-Lot killed off? (we see his spirit in # 14 of Eternity War)

    MOTU Digital # 2
    - Can you tell us more about these warlock tribes that stole the Eyes of Grayskull? When did it happen (after Grayskull's death)? What has the warlock tribe been doing with the eye of chrono (time travel)?

    MOTU Digital # 4
    - Randor says Duncan was never as strong as he was after the Leech attack. So Duncan was permanently weakened from that day on?

    MOTU Digital # 5
    - How did the eye of chaos end up in the museum in plain sight as a recreation (doesn't seem like a safe place to hide it even if magic wielders can't access this location)?

    MOTU Ongoing # 1
    - Is Man-At-Arms Teela's biological father? If not, who is? (Fisto was planned to be her biological father for 200X cartoon?)

    MOTU Ongoing # 11
    - What is the process in which King Hssss consumes his victims? How does he initially infect them?

    - When did King Hssss infect King Randor?

    - The group bypasses the Ring of War. What is that ring like?

    MOTU Ongoing # 12
    - How did King Hssss escape the Ring of Eternity after He-Man uppercutted him into the air? (He is next seen inhabiting an old woman on the side of the road speaking to Adora)

    MOTU Ongoing # 13
    - What is the significance of the red torso armor King Grayskull is wearing in the two panels where he stabs/defeats Hordak? It appears to resemble He-Man’s Master of Eternity armor (minus the gold plate and pants) in #14 of Eternity War. Or is this the Horde armor He-Man that we never got in the 200X cartoon? Or a Battle Armor He-Man colored variation?

    - Did Hordak summon the portal to Despondos (like in the 200X cartoon) or was it the Power of Eternity that caused it?

    - During the celebration feast in Castle Grayskull, the Three Towers playset are depicted on mural flags. What are their story/role in this continuity?

    MOTU Ongoing # 17
    - You said that Eldor's Book of Living Spells was given to him by Veena, He-Ro's mother (in your 2nd interview with Jukka). Do the Book of Spells and He-Ro's power staff channel the Starseed's power in the same way as He-Man and She-Ra's swords? How do the book and staff work and what are their powers?

    MOTU Ongoing # 18
    - Why doesn't Swiftwind have a transformation like Battlecat?

    MOTU Ongoing # 19
    - Teela has red hair as a child shown in this issue yet in issue # 1 Adam and Duncan are surprised by this sudden red hair change after being blonde in the miniseries). Continuity issue?

    Eternity War # 1
    - How were the Eyes of Grayskull created? It was said they were a gift from Adi (King Hssss in disguise). So he created them from the Primordial lava?

    Eternity War # 6
    - In the Farseers mirrors they see images of Battle Cat Man and He-Ro II (son of He-Man). Do they exist in this universe and what are their stories?

    - How was Orko saved from the Netherworld (as he appears in the 30 year vision)?

    - Why have Rio Blast and She-Ra not aged (in 30 years time)?

    - Teela's informs Adam that his sword is now the Sword of Eternity after being reforged. She-Ra's also changed appearance. Does her sword have another name now too?

    Eternity War # 7
    - What is the relationship between the dark dimension of Despondos and Etheria (Etheria is said to be a dark mirror of Eternia)? Eternia is referred to as a light dimension? What is the name of this light dimension (like the dark is Despondos)? How do they all fit into the rest of the universe?

    Eternity War # 8
    - Why is Cringer called Battle Cat in this issue?

    - How did Skeletor make the Havoc staff whole after it was broken by He-Man in the miniseries and then fused to him by Dark Orko?

    Eternity War # 9
    - What happened to the Horde henchmen after Hordak’s defeat?

    Eternity War # 10
    - What is the Crystal Castle and Light Hope’s origin and connection to She-Ra in this continuity?

    Eternity War # 11
    - Would the sorceress Teela-Na of Zoar have a giant animal falcon form like Evil-Lyn and Teela if she were alive?

    Eternity War # 12
    - What form would Skeletor’s forged fused weapon have taken if he hadn’t fused it to his body (scythe?)?

    - Why did Teela break off and keep a piece of the Keystone moment crystal before handing it to He-Man?

    Eternity War # 13
    - When did King Hssss take over Mendor’s body?

    - Did using the Sword to Shield maneuver burn She-Ra’s powers out or was it something else?

    - Is Randor’s spirit talking to Adam or is just his inner voice?

    - Is He-Man wielding the combined powers of Serpos and Zoar as Master of Eternity?

    Eternity War # 14
    - Some of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors such as Jitsu and Stinkor were shown as dead spirits. How and when were they killed?

    - Whose side is Mantenna on in this issue? (he hasn’t been seen since issue #2) Is he miscolored and suppose to be a dead spirit?

    - Who are Vykron and Wun-Dar in this continuity?

    - What causes Teela to die? Because of the Snake Men dying or because of her sacrifice to revive She-Ra?

    Eternity War # 15
    - What are the fates of Orko and Marlena? (Orko seemingly rescued and restored to normal in issue #6 in the 30 year future vision). A silhouette appears to resemble him on page 2 of issue #15.
    - Does Primus still exist or was that future averted with Hordak defeated?
    - What happened to She-Ra’s red jewel in her sword (we see it is still intact at the end of issue #14)? The blue jewel artifact she was given to find the Crystal Castle appears to have replaced it. Does the blue jewel give her different powers than the red jewel?
    - Why does Evil-Lyn still appear to have the Sorceress of Horokoth powers and appearance when Teela was stripped of her Sorceress status?
    - Will Skeletor’s new appearance take a cue from the Exploratory Art section in the Art of He-Man book? What will his new powers and motivation be?
    - Who would She-Ra be fighting on Etheria? Would Hordak be resurrected?

    Post Wrap-Up
    - Continuation story after Eternity War and when is the soonest it would be published? Unnamed One, independent villains like Marzo, Evilseed, etc. to be used? Would DC Comics stay the publisher? Would Dan Abnett and Pop Mhan come back?

    - How do you deal with spectacle creep brought about in Eternity War and continue the story beyond that when the stakes were so high?

    - ThunderCats crossover possible with MOTU?

    - How long has Rob David had a hand in the story (since MOTU Digital #1)? (Special thanks in MOTU Digital # 8 and story credit since Ongoing # 4)

    - How long was Lloyd Goldfine involved in the story? (until Eternity War?)

    - What would King Hssss look like infused with the Power of Grayskull and what would his powers be?
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