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Thread: MOTU Hallmark Ornaments - would you buy them?

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    MOTU Hallmark Ornaments - would you buy them?

    Having looked at the extensive range of Hallmark keepsake ornaments, I am some what shocked that Masters of the Universe is not part of this multi-franchise monster. I would totally buy any and every MOTU keepsake released. Barbie's there...Thundercats is there...why not MOTU...?
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    I would most likely get them.
    Top Ten MOTUC wants: Sagitar, Great Black Wizard, Fang-or, Dragstor, Skeletor's Skeleton Warriors, Despara, Odiphus, Illumina w/Sleetah, Lady Slither, Tuvar & Baddrah 2-pack

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    She-Ra in Filmation style? you really have to ask?

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    Ideally yes, but there are varying degrees of quality in a lot of these Keepsake ornaments. I lucked out and received a Megatron that was very similar to the Revoltech Megatron in paint application and mold. Overall, most of the ornaments are severely lacking in style and appear as homogenized grandma friendly junk. The Disney and other animated properties are usually the best because they have a distinct style as opposed to Star Trek and Star Wars etc.

    MOTU Ornament Wants :
    Skeletor and that ugly dog thing from the Christmas Special
    Filmation style She-Ra
    Castle Grayskull

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    Been wondering this myself! Mattel, hope your listening!

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