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That's a great point. I could see Adam telling People that He-Man is a Barbarian that lives out in the wastelands. Would explain why Eternians don't seen He-Man hanging out at the Royal Cafeteria and such. I just saw Cat and Spider today and Prince Adam sleeping in his nightgown at the royal palace doesn't make me think of him as a classic barbarian. But Yes, I agree, when people think of He-Man, they think of a furry shorts and boots muscle guy.

I thought that it would be a neat way to reconcile He-Man's Pre-Filmation origins with the iconic status quo started by Filmation and continued by everyone else. The whole barbarian tribe origin from He-Man and the Power Sword would be Adam's cover story about He-Man's origins. It's not really true, but a story concocted by Adam to protect his secret.

Even He-Man has to have a past, a childhood, a place to go "home". Using the Pre-Filmation origin in this way is a great nod to that past, while keeping the iconic elements.