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I think you're talking about spoiled meat to the hungry and starving. MOTU fans are so grateful to have a comic after so many years without.

Unfortunately, while the art might get better depending on the creative team, the books direction is still dictated by Mattel.

Mattel, at least, seems to be allowing the new direction without much protest. With MVC, there seemed to be a strained relationship between them and Mattel when it came to trying to use classic characters and ideas within the confines of the 200X world. Here, classic, 200X, and other seem to have a bit more mixture and freedom. A formula for an injection of new into the MOTU.

As for 'lack of direction' not sure why those who dispise the comic seem to have trouble seeing the current direction of the story. Well, here it is as I see it. The Horde have invaded Eternia, Adora under the name Despera has been raised by Hordak and Shadow Weaver and blinded by their lies and acts as a commander of a Horde army that is laying siege to Castle Grayskull. He-Man is about to set off to rescue Teela from Horde clutches and behind the scenes Zoar/Sorceress is trying to awaken Despera to her true heritage and destiny. Considering issue 5 has She-Ra on the cover, it's painfully apparent that this story arc is supposed to be the new canon's origin story of She-Ra. After this a new story arc begins concerning the MOTU finding something that can help them combat the Horde who still occupies Eternia by that point. There is the direction of the story for the time being.