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Thread: He-Man: The Eternity War #8 | Talkback Thread - SPOILERS

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    He-Man: The Eternity War #8 | Talkback Thread - SPOILERS


    Issue #08
    "Part Eight: The End of All Fears"

    Script: Dan Abnett
    Cover and Art: Pop Mhan
    Colour: Mark Roberts
    Story: Rob David

    Blood…blood everywhere! The line between “Masters” and “war criminals” is challenged as the Snake Men throw bodies of Horde troops into burning piles, while Horde forces hack, slash, and blast back Snake Men soldiers.


    Get your copy from a local comicbook shop or digitally via comiXology!

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    Did like this one a lot. Most of all that they managed to focus on teh different arcs. It's gaining speed.

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    And the cameos keep on coming! Big surprise to see Mara, Flipshot, Master Sebrian, Hydron et al. I'm most impressed with the writers even knowing about Drissi, Caz, Gleep and U-R!

    Skeletor's betrayal doesn't come as a surprise, but it's done well. Disappointed we didn't get to meet the Great Rebellion, but if She-Ra's still out there, there's every chance we will. From a previous cover, it looked as though Glimmer, Kowl and Madame Razz were trapped as souls, so perhaps She-Ra will need to free them to free (and redeem) herself.

    Anyway, nice twists and turns in this one. I also expect the Snake Men alliance to fall foul soon. They seem to have different ideas about justice, compared to the Masters.
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