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Thread: What is this Insectaur's Hive worth?

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    What is this Sectaur's Hyve worth?

    Looking to sell my Sectaurs Hyve playset. I know it isn't complete, but I don't know for sure what is missing and what it would be worth. Can some of you Sectaurs fans help me out? See the pics at the link below. I know a screw is missing, but not much else.

    Gun with stand
    Eye stickers on Spider Glove are missing
    Ladders (short & Tall)

    Tall Ladder
    Support screws (1)
    Gate railing (1)

    Comes with:
    Crane with Boulder
    Spider Glove
    Top Platform
    Clips (2) to hold Collapsable Platform
    Collapsable Platform with Gate
    Main Door/Gate
    Main Door Latch

    Rod to Control Collapsable Platform
    Inner Door
    Main Supports (2)
    Cardboard Background
    Caps (4)
    Support screws (1)
    Gate railing (2)

    I am not sure what the axe with the odd handle is for. Any ideas?
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    I looked on eBay and saw some not as complete as yours go for $80-$129. If I had the spare cash, I'd make an offer, but it's just not my time of year. Good luck!
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    Yeah I'd say it's worth around $120-150. Unfortunately Sectaurs nuts like me want a complete playset and it is nearly impossible to find spare parts for this set. I finally bit the bullet and bought one new in box for $350 last year. I had it as a kid so I paid more for nostalgia...

    By the way, if you list it on eBay make sure to title is "Sectaurs Hyve" so people that are looking for it can find it.
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