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    Quote Originally Posted by bamf1980 View Post
    Thank you for this post. It's important for PoP and NA converts to speak up about such things.

    That silver looks gorgeous and I was considering the same, but trying to paint Frosta was an utter nightmare for me so I'm scared. I don't seem to have (very) loose ankles or knees, but there does appear to be some slight warping that makes her look a tad funny. Warping that would not be very noticeable if she just had the boot articulation. Sigh....
    I really didn't know much about She-Ra until I got into MOTUC over the summer, but since then I have fallen in love with the Filmation cartoon and the characters. I have to admit that I did pass on Netossa due to loose joints, skimpy accessories/higher prices, and black stains, but my small overall MOTUC collection now has She-Ra, Swiftwind, Frosta, and Catra. I never even knew about these characters existing and would have never bought them before I started collecting. Now Madame Razz, Castaspella, Glimmer, Kowl, and Loo-Kee are on the top of my most wanted list of upcoming MOTUC.
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