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Finally picked mine up from my sub-buddy. She's pretty cool, despite missing an offensive weapon. I knew of her in the vintage line(but never had her, as I only had She-Ra and Bow), and never saw her on the cartoon, so there was no nostalgia factor for me. In hand though, she's an ok figure, but one major question: Where the hell did her boot swivels go??? They cut the weapon *and* an articulation point?? Ugh! That's just mean at this stage in the game!
That was a question of mine. I mean I hardly ever use the boot cuts, but aesthetically, it looks much better being there, plus the rest have it.

Not to mention, what is Mattel cheaping out on the females now? They still have loose joints when they seem to have somewhat quelled it on
the males, Netossa is missing a true accessory, and Octavia is not getting bendy tentacles....