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Thread: Origin or no?

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    Origin or no?

    Hiya. So what do we think? Should the movie be one long origin, or should it just jump in to a good story? I'll use Grant Morrison's All Star Superman beginning as an example of how it could work (Doomed planet, kindly couple, etc). Or like the second Hulk movie. The origin was in the opening credits. I think this could work. Just get to the meat of a story. Agree?

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    jump into the meat and potatoes.....origin stories tend to be overdone as of late. (ex. Amazing Spiderman). We know the origins....get to the story already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Dad View Post
    jump into the meat and potatoes.....origin stories tend to be overdone as of late. (ex. Amazing Spiderman). We know the origins....get to the story already.
    Agreed. Besides, there are ways to introduce characters n stuff without going into the whole lame origin stories, or so I feel.
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    I think they do origin stories because they are pretty paint by numbers as far as writing the story goes.

    Generally speaking I would prefer them to kind of flush through it fairly quickly, largely because in ways I don't see He-mans origin story being all the complex.
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    I think the argument here is the difference between an ideal movie and an ideal TV show.
    ..(not that I try to encourage arguments)

    The answer would be in the planning I think.
    You would need to determine how much character 'beginings' or 'growth' are needed to tell a one-movie story.
    Who are the characters that you feel really need explanation and how they effect/affect eachother the most.
    Then decide how much time that is going to take up and if that is most of that 'one-movie thought'.
    After ALOT of thinking, it looks like two movies, a begining and an end.
    There is now a choice between a happy ending or a sad ending. (eg. Shakspeare: Death or Marriage).

    Oh, and then you can sit around, not knowing who to talk to about your plan, while those idiots in Hollywood stomp all over your favorite kids show.
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    NO. I'm fine with seeing origin flashbacks, but I'm tired of origin stories, esp for first movies. a lot of folks are split on the DC comics, but I like how it's an origin story but it's not.

    Not only that, if done right it's great marketing, you build up a desire in the audience to see how these characters came to be.
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