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Thread: Cringer 2.0 in MOTUC

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    Cringer 2.0 in MOTUC

    Name: Cringer (Filmation)
    Poll#: 18

    Scott (Toyguru) has recently gone on record stating that it "is possible" for a new Cringer figure to be made using the same body as Catra's Cat Form! We could at least be given a new Filmation accurate Cringer head to attach to our BattleCat figures. Now is our chance to show our support for a fully articulated Cringer figure to help complete our Filmation collections! Please give Cringer your vote in Poll#18!

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    I totally support this
    Kuduk Ungol for MOTUC. All steeds for MOTUC. Fully-articulated Cringer for MOTUC. Point Dread and Talon Fighter for MOTUC.

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