Hello, Just posting a list here of items from the lines other then MOTU stuff that i collect to see if anyone frequenting this board might have stuff they dont want that needs a good home. I keep my stuff in a good display case out of box so opened out of box/damaged or no box is perfectly fine in most cases as long as the pieces are in good shape and all the accessories are included.

-Figma - Fate Stay Night characters(only exception to my no box rule, i would like to keep the boxes for this line)
-Transformers - Vintage dinobots, not worried about their accessories just the figures for these guys, also looking for 2 of the animated movie characters, Wreck-Gar and Arcee, these i would want the accessories with.
-Madballs - mainly after the ones from the actual toy line and not the knock off lines but some of those may peak my interest as well so that would be a case by case deal.
-Vampire Savior SR series - Need Series 1b, 3a and 3b, and Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko) and Jedah from Series 2. Also some of the variant colorations would be of interest
-Adventure Time - 5" figures other then BMO and Marceline
-Other anime figures may be of interest those are another case by case deal though as there are so many variations and they are more of impulse buys then actual collecting. I try to keep the anime figures somewhat close in scale with adult characters in the 15-20 cm size range. Bleach and One Piece are the main ones i look for but have many anime series i enjoy that i would consider getting figures for.

Also will consider offers for some lines others in my immediate family collect. These would be G4 My Little Pony or the old Gloworms or the Adventure Time plush toys for my little sister or Irwin toys Dragonball Z figures for my nephew possibly other lines of similiar scale and quality. Again they keep their stuff in open condition as i do so out of package/no package is all right. Just on the MLP stuff she would want the toy complete with any accessories that came with.