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    Keclar The Elder in MOTUC

    Keclar is the Leader of the Elders in the UK Comics. He reappears in many of the stories, including a very important one, the third sword of Power- the evil equivalent of the power sword. The story goes that a meteorite falls to Eternia and The elders, sensing the great power within, forge the sword of power and protection from, knowing that one day, they will be used to save Eternia. But there was still some meteorite left and one of the Lesser Elders forged a sword of evil, equal in strength to the others, but the Elders caught him and banished him to a never ending staircase, always walking up, but never reaching the top. The sword was split in Half and and hidden away, untill the UK Horde Prime found out about it, and sent Hordak and Skelator to find it. Anyway, He is the head of their order and would love to see him made into a figure one day, and wonder if others fell the same way.

    Heres a pic of his staff, the accessory he should come with
    kelcars staff.jpg
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