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Thread: Would you want a Minisub of the Comic Characters shown at NYCC?

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    Would you want a Minisub of the Comic Characters shown at NYCC?

    The showing of the designs at NYCC because 'Fans demanded it, aint they Cool???' set off alarms for me, especially when it was followed by 'Hey! We are having another minisub in Mid 2014,Aint That Cool!!!!'

    I am a born cynic and this really sounds like a preemptive strike, another attempt to get 'New' designs out there by TG.

    I'm Honest...I just want updates of the Vintage lines (MOTU,POP,NA) and established Media characters (Minicomics,Filmation) NOT New Stuff!

    so Im curious....would you guys buy another minisub of new characters?


    (Personally I think we need to get any message/feedback out ASAP!....before we end up with 'Spectors Gang' taking precedence away from actual 'Classics')
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    Im down if they are cool characters.

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    Personally, no. I would not want to see Mattel offer a mini-sub of the comic characters.

    2014 and 2015 are supposedly aimed at completing all the remaining vintage MOTU and PoP characters (excluding PoP variants), A-Lister NA characters and A-Listers from MOTU and PoP Filmation, 200X, comic books and presumably proto-types (e.g. Eldor). There are already more than enough characters to fill all possible slots in 2014 and 2015.

    And, IF a mini-subscription was offered in 2014, I would personally prefer to see a PoP mini-subscription. There are ten vintage PoP figures to be released in 2014 and 2015 in addition to A-Listers from the PoP Filmation series (e.g. Madame Razz and Broom, Filmation Kowl, Imp, Granita, Vultak, General Sunder, Admiral Scurvy, etc). And although Toyguru has ruled out any variants, there would appear to be some fan demand for "toy-design" variants of She-Ra and Catra and a Filmation variant of Hordak. That is a LOT of PoP to be distributed across only two years. A mini-subscription would be a great way of releasing much needed PoP characters.

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    I voted no - we shouldn't be getting any of these characters until 2016 at the earliest, and even that might be too soon since there will still be tons of other established characters left to make at that point, like NA, more Filmation, Son of He-Man, etc.

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    I'd actually like some of these characters but I'd rather have a Filmation or POP sub or 200X sub or....

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    I'd love more new characters!

    I'd prefer a PoP mini sub first though.
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    I voted yes taking your poll to mean would I buy a seperate mini sub of the new characters they showed off from the minicomics. Fang Or, Great Black Wizard & the rest.

    Heck yes. I loved quite a few of those designs, and none of them were bad.

    What else could you be referring to? Actually I hope Son Of HE-Man is the future of either the MOTUC brand, or the MOTU in general. I feel those guys would be a great jumping off point to drag Masters into it's own and show us the stories of tomorrow.

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    Absolutely not!!!! They are just more made up garbage like unmighty spector and sir lame alot. They are also just a kitbash of parts like cy-crap. WORST MINI-SUB IDEA EVER!
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    sure would!! i love all the new stuff!!!
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    YES! After 2015.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orko's Magic Hat View Post
    YES! After 2015.
    I agree.... and I'll keep only the Great Black Wizard and Fang-or...
    Mmm maybe Red Shadow if they'll cast it in red!
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    Nope. I had a similar train of thought awhile back, after listening to some Roast Gooble episodes, where it seemed as if the new comics characters were taking precedence for potential characters that Mattel could 'dip into' after 2015.
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    No I want to save my money for characters I actually want and know. Maybe when the line is finished doing all the vintage toys, including ALL NA, then I might be interested. If they offer comic characters and we don't get all the NA figures remade in classics I'll be so annoyed.
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    No sorry I've no interest in this myself, and there's ways too many existing characters left to be made yet.
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    If they reveal this at NYCC 2018 as planned for 2019 I'd be okay with this (although something tells me that even by then there will still be vintage New Adventures characters and Beasts left to do that I'd want more )

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    I've no interest at all.

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    Not in the slightest. If this happens in 2014, TG will have gone back on his word. I'm not sure even he could get away with that at this stage.

    I wonder if the results would be different if the poll had said 'in 2014'...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    I voted no - we shouldn't be getting any of these characters until 2016 at the earliest, and even that might be too soon since there will still be tons of other established characters left to make at that point, like NA, more Filmation, Son of He-Man, etc.
    My thoughts exactly!
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    No. Not until vintage Motu, vintage pop, and key Filmation, NA, and 200X characters are made.

    I have no problem expanding the line, but there are far too many characters left to make that deserve to be made before new characters are.
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    At this stage, no. There are too many fan demanded characters that will probably never be produced to justify working brand new characters into the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    No. Not until vintage Motu, vintage pop, and key Filmation, NA, and 200X characters are made.

    I have no problem expanding the line, but there are far too many characters left to make that deserve to be made before new characters are.
    exactly this.

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    Yes absolutely
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    YES! From what I saw of some of the pictures, I REALLY hope that's what the mini sub will be (if we get one)
    Maybe NA She-Ra etc..., would be lumped into that category I know ppl want a Pop mini sub, but were going to get those figures anyways,
    so I would rather have something completely new and fresh

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just went back and watched the Nycc panel video too and there were 6 mini comic concept characters total that they showed...HMMMMM
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    Not now, I only would want Gang-Or and The Great Black Wizard.....but I want the hard hitters and essential Filmation an mothers first.... I'm hoping to see stuff like this carry MOTUC FOR another maybe year or two assuming we get 2015.
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    I voted yes although Id really like a DC comic mini sub over this!

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