Hello, I have some loose extra MOTUC stuff that I would like to get rid of. Everything listed has been stored from the time it was opened so it's in excellent shape. Here's my list
Fisto's 200x Head, Belt, & Sword
Whiplash's 200x Head, Blade
Mekanecks long neck extension
Stinkor's 200x Head, Gun, Mask, Valve Piece, & Backpack
Man At Arms Mustache Head, Gladius, & Gun
Merman's Trident, & Vintage Head
Clawful's Shield
Buzz Off's Large Battle Axe, & Helmet
Sy-Klone's Red Disc
He Man's Half Sword
Skeletor's Half sword
Trap Jaw's Kronis Head, & Extra Right Arm
Battle Armor Skeletor's Battle Axe
Thunder Punch He Man's Sword, Cap, & Punch Effect
Tri-klops Sword, & Glow Ring
Snout Spout's Clamp
Panthor's Helmet

I'm located in Canada but I am willing to ship anywhere. I am not sure what these are worth to folks so I'll just say I would like to sell them as a lot. Send me a PM if your interested.