Ok, so I made one figure from each of these two-packs a while back. The Skelcon can be seen in my Mistico's Customs Thread (see signature), while I never took a photo of young Duncan (he pilots my Wind Raider). With all the speculation of the upcoming two-pack for 2013, I decided that my Skelcon needed a partner to duke it out with the good guys on my shelves and that Duncan needed his superior counterpart as well.

I used the same parts I did for my first Skelcon (Skeletor body & head, Mo-Larr labcoat), and went to town. Now the head is slightly different, which is fine since none of the other two-packs have the exact same heads on both figures. I also made some new weapons for both of them since in the Ladybird books, they only had the bone daggers. Not enough for me. So now each one has a dagger, and one has a sword while the other has a knife. Kinda like the Palace Guard figures had all the same weapons but one. Here's their bio, incorporating some 200x-ish elements.

Skelcon Warriors 2-Pack
Evil Bony Henchmen of Skeletor
Real Name: varies
Skelcons were created by Skeletor using an advanced form of his Mutant Slime Pit. While they have no true sentience to speak of, they are excellent at following orders and seeing a project through. Used many times by Tri-Klops to help him in his inventions, they work tirelessly to build his and Skeletor's machines that they use to battle the Masters. They are almost as good at open battle as they are at building machines, though they prefer sneak-attacks as they are not super strong or very fast. What they lack in battle skill, though, they make up for in persistence and unless completely destroyed, will continue fighting their enemies until one or the other is destroyed permanently!

And while we have bios for both Dekker and Duncan, I decided that their younger counterparts needed separate bios as well since I was making separate figures for them, so here they are. Oh, and yes, Duncan's face mask can fit on his helmet. I took the mustacheless-Duncan head and put it in a Palace Guard helmet so that it would. Dekker's helmet doesn't fit on his head though. Just for show.

Young Duncan
Heroic Captain of the Guard
Real Name: Duncan
Growing up as Prince Randorís best friend, Duncan knew he had to stay in the Palace and decided to become a Palace Guard to protect his friend from would-be danger. After enlisting, the new Man-At-Arms, Dekker, seemed to take special notice of him and Duncan saw that his tests were always harder than the others around him. He followed Dekker all around, asking questions about science, machines, and battle, wanting to learn everything he could from his mentor. Dekker taught him all he could, but Duncanís thirst for knowledge was unquenchable and he sought out the libraries and worked with other mechanics and scientists in his off-duty times and when he wasnít off with Randor on some excursion. He rose in rank, becoming Captain Randorís second-in-command after King Miro was banished to Despondos, and helped co-found the Defenders of Eternia: a special elite group of fighters composed of heroic warriors with special powers or abilities. When Randor was proclaimed King by the Elders, Duncan was given the title Man-At-Arms, and became Randorís chief scientists and weapons master, training the Guards.Hearing a telepathic call, Duncan rushed to the aide of Zoar, who was guarding something in a nest high on a cliff. Merman and his Fish Men were trying to get a sacrifice to awaken their sea god, Bakkull. Duncan fought off the evil warriors and saw what was in the nest: a baby girl. Zoar asked him to raise the baby in the Palace, away from danger. Duncan promised he would and treated her as his own daughter, never revealing her true parentage until such as time as the Sorceress sees fit. Always ready for battle, Duncan fights hard alongside the Defenders of Eternia!

Young Dekker
Heroic Master of Arms to King Miro
Real Name: Dekker
After switching sides in one of the early battles to join King Miroís warriors against Count Marzoís tyranny, young Dekker quickly rose in rank from a Palace Guard to Miroís Man-At-Arms, the master craftsman of weaponry and trainer in the ways of battle. He taught the Guards special hand-to-hand combat forms and tactical maneuvers from what he had used as a mercenary in the Dunes of Doom. Many of the Guards took to this new form of battle easily, but none so much as Duncan, Prince Randorís best friend and personal guard. Dekker saw that this warrior was special and worked the young fighter harder than the others, knowing that Duncan would rise to the challenge and succeed. They spent a lot of time together, Duncan asking every question he could to his teacher, wanting to learn everything he could. When Dekker had nothing new to teach him, he told his insatiable student to come up with his own ideas.Practicing special ways to trick their foes, Dekker and Duncan came up with codes for their various tactics. In a pinch, they would look at each other, say a number, and go into the act to confuse their enemies and overcome them with ease. When King Miro was banished to Despondos, Dekker continued to fight alongside his fellow Defenders of Eternia until Randor became king and Duncan was raised to the rank of Man-At-Arms. He retired and moved to Orcas Island where he resides in peace in his hut, fishing from his boat and reflecting on the old days. Sometimes the two old friends get together when evil isnít plundering across the land. Dekker still stands strong as one of the greatest Masters of Arms Eternia ever had!