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Thread: Early access, where is it?

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    I had to change my sub email after I bought it. And couldn't log into the sub page then call dig river and they changed me over but the early access still gives me the EMAIL.ACTIVATION.INVALID....prompt. anybody with this get any solutions yet? This sucks wanted to get a horde prime.

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    Hey, I just checked to see if I could get some good bulk-ordering deal on the shipping price, and yes, it's certainly possible: I got a $0 quote on DHL shipping for one million Griffins.


    Oh, by the way, sorry for those who still wanted some extras of him, I think he'll likely be sold out and gone for good after I click "Buy", so see you on eBay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uaxuctum View Post
    It's $30 for international shipping (international shipping for CG is around $100)—don't know about domestic US shipping. Still, Griffin shipped internationally for $15.55 last June, so they've doubled the shipping charge (apart from the $2 increase in the figure price).
    Shipping for my Grayskull to Canada was 37.85, and that's only a $7 difference than the shipping for the Griffin. Yikes!

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    Unless they create the Pile O' Loot feature, early access will never be beneficial. They'll never do this, so the next best thing would be to let us have the sub items early. This would alienate the cherry pickers, but they're not the ones buying the subs anyway and keeping the line alive.

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    This is why I always thought that "Early Access" would suck !

    And indeed.......... it SUX !!!
    Quote Originally Posted by TUC138 View Post
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    I placed my order for Horde Prime (only 1 believe it or not) about a half hour after the early access window opened and I just got an email saying its already shipped!

    Sorry if I sound overly excited, but in my history with Matty, that's a world record.

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    This sounds horrendous!
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    I never even got the early access email.........

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    And Mattel wonders why people get angry with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCB View Post
    Unless they create the Pile O' Loot feature, early access will never be beneficial. They'll never do this, so the next best thing would be to let us have the sub items early. This would alienate the cherry pickers, but they're not the ones buying the subs anyway and keeping the line alive.
    How would it eliminate the pickers exactly, as we already get the sub items early? And how exactly do you think they will sell sub figures early, when even a month into a new year, a sub figure was already delayed? Last year Many of them were shifted around and or delayed....Demo Man was an entire month delayed in 2011. They can't be relied upon to get your sub figures on time, let alone any earlier than we already get them. Not to mention last year there was the SLL month where there was no sub figure....

    Unless they set the production cap directly at sub numbers & CS stock allotment, which is unlikely due to production quotas every factory has, there will always be a slight number of DOS stock available.
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