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Thread: WTB: Resident Evil Figures

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    WTB: Resident Evil Figures

    I am looking for several older RE Figures:

    From Palisades:

    Mr X
    Claire Redfield
    Chris Redfield
    Leon Kennedy
    Albert Wesker
    William Birkin G-4

    From Neca:

    Chris Redfield (Series 1)
    Sheva Alomar (Series 1)
    Hunter (series 2)

    Loose is fine as long as they are unbroken and complete. Also that it not comes from a smoked home.

    Thank you
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    Hey there! I might have a few of the figures you are looking for. I'm not 100% sure I'm ready to part with them, but I am trying to trim my collection down a bit. PM me and we'll talk.
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    I have these available in the HYVE.
    $30 - Resident Evil Nosferatu palisades
    $25 - Resident Evil Mr X palisades
    $35 - NECA Krauser

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