Hello gang

I've got a lot of motu vintage items for sale...

some complete some not, everything is listed

Please see the ad for pics

if you take the lot it's 200 plus shipping, Thanks so much


These items are loose and played with

Battle ram 3 shots 5.00

Attak trak 5.00

Wind raider missing wings x2 5.00 each

Road ripper complete 5.00

Road ripper missing cord and broken snap 2.00

Rotar missing 1 gun 5.00

Battle cat complete x2 10.00 each

Panthor complete 10.00

Blaster hawk missing 4 discs 10.00

Dragon walker 10.00

Stridor 5.00

Ninjor missing nun chucks 45.00

Webstor broken grapple 5.00

Grizzlor complete 10.00

Grizzlo missing weapon 5.00

Stratos bare x2 5.00 each

Zodak complete 10.00

Teela dark boots complete 15.00

Trap jaw missing weapons x2 5.00 each

Two bad missing shield 5.00

Snout spout missing weapon 5.00

Ram man missing weapon 5.00

Jitsu complete 10.00

Fisto complete weapon broken 5.00

Clawful missing weapon 5.00

Prince Adam bare 5.00

Merman orange belt missing sword 5.00

Merman green belt missing sword 5.00

Buzz off complete 10.00

Kobra khan complete 10.00

Rio blast bare 5.00

Battle armor skeletor complete 15.00

Battle armor skeletor missing weapons 5.00

Man-e-faces complete 10.00

Man at arms missing weapon 5.00

Heman missing weapons 10.00

Beast man missing weapon x2 5.00 each

King hiss complete 10.00

Roboto missing 1 weapon 5.00

Triklops broken figure 3.00

Whiplash complete 10.00

Sy-klon missing shield 5.00

Faker weapons 5.00

Skeletor vest 5.00

Talon fighter 15.00

Random weapons 1.00 each

Castle grayskull 95 percent complete 50.00

Snake mountain 50 percent complete 25.00

if you need more pics hit me up at sections_collection@rogers.com

Thanks so much