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Thread: Spy Monkey Creations Armory spare parts lot $45 shipped (OBO)

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    Spy Monkey Creations Armory spare parts lot $45 shipped (OBO)

    I bought several of these awesome sets and have used the parts I'm going to, so the rest are up for grabs! You get everything you see in the pics, and it will be shipped Priority Mail, and I will ship anywhere in the world but I'll have to adjust the price for shipping.

    And like the title says, I'm VERY open to offers, since I really don't know what a fair price will be.

    And if anyone is worried I'm stepping on the business-toes of Spy Monkey, I had the same concern; I was originally selling these (individually) at Power-Con, but before I put them out I went over to their booth and asked if they had any need of these and wanted to buy them back at a reduced cost of what I paid, and they said they didn't need them and to go ahead and sell them, so this is what I have left at Power-Con. Just wanted to state all that, cuz those guys rule!
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