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Considering the PM Prime reissue that just came out in Asia is going for $100 I'd say this new poseable trailer isn't a bad deal.

I do know there's a pro-Hasbro toy customizer who seems to really hate this 3rd party stuff, and even tells people they can be arrested and jailed for buying it. Maybe if Hasbro made this stuff, and didn't rip off a few IPs of their own in their time(I don't consider 3rd party to be different from how Hasbro copies actual vehicles without permission), I'd care. I've also had my run-ins with this person before and can say he's, uh... well, he got mad at me because I didn't take some advice on making a custom figure, when I didn't even ask him and then when I used another method he took personal offense and held a grudge since. He got mad again when I used one brand of paint instead of his preferred brand, and harassed me for trying to sell a custom figure. Now he's even further mad because I don't do custom toys anymore, telling everyone I "quit because of trolling" when the fact is I gave up on custom toy work because I'm not interested in it and I don't want to throw piles money at the hobby. But I suppose anyone who tells people they can go to prison for buying a 3rd party Transformer isn't exactly prone to telling the truth, are they?

There's a lot of elitists in action figure collecting right now. I don't remember it being that way back in the 90's when I was collecting before -- or at least I wasn't aware of it. "I bought 5 of them to show my support!" Translation: I spent x hundred dollars, aren't I great?! Unfortunately, that kind of behavior promotes stereo types, and may be one of the reasons why action figures don't sell so well anymore. I have half a mind to sign up over seibertron and tell them all how much I am looking forward to my combiner knockoffs arriving from TFSource