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If you had only said it that way in the first place.... Certain forms of sarcasm doesn't always translate well online....

This is what they should have done with him, and the $7 is utterly nonsense anyway for pre 2012 figures....let alone a figure that has known and acknowledged by the company defects.

He should be $7+ less than original sale price instead of $7 more, that part is indeed the biggest piece of the unethical part.
Yeah, I should have used "sarcasm" tags

And I agree with you guys: giving early access to subscribers for figures they already have and with a $7 increase + increased shipping is ridiculous. I'm a cherry picker myself, and I'm glad that early access is not for sub items, but come on! Even I know that the perks for subscribers with this early access stuff is ridiculous. At least if Mattel had kept the $20 price point for the "reissues" in the early access sale, that would have counted for something, in my opinion.