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That, I think, is ultimately the flaw with the "all-in" subscription system. The fans who care only about vintage re-releases directly "combat" the fans who support other factions and new characters. The reality, because of the "all-in" system, is that both sides of the fan base need each other for things to survive over the next couple years... and that means everyone is not going to be able to get 100% of what they want. Everyone's personal preferences and pocketbooks are going to have to compromise, to some extent.
That's not the flaw of the "all-in" subscription - that's the strength of it. The flaw is in us. The fans who, given a system that only gets each of us what we want by getting *all* of use what we want, still demand selfishly.

IE, at the end of the road, MOTU vintage fans would have a full set of Classic figures of the vintage line, but they would get it in time, while the New Adventures fan also got his complete line, and the Princess of Power fans got his complete line, and 200x fans got theirs, and minicomics got theirs, and so on.

The concept of this line was conceieved with a sense of community and camaraderie - morals condoned and expounded upon by the very cast of characters we all claim to be fans of. And yet, the divisiveness continues. So much so, that the line itself has been changed, removing lesser known characters to the line-up for 2014, but not removing the communal and all-encompassing nature of the line, and some buyers are still complaining.

And with that, I throw up my hands.