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Toyguru just answered some more questions over at mattycollector

He said that if they reopen the Castle Grayskull Preorder the price would probably go up
and that we might not see CG at NYTF if the prototype isnt finished in time
CB said Grayskull is almost done on Facebook... now, that doesn't mean that it'll necessarily be in shape for NYTF, necessarily, but it's a good sign.


Also, guys... do we really have to go through this AGAIN.

All he is saying is what he's always been saying. If there's not enough sales... then the line goes bye bye. This is NOT NEW. This is the case for every single thing ever made by a manufacturer. There's so much to look forward too. Castle Grayskull. New Reveals. Rumors of some more Filmation characters. Maybe some more awesome surprises we don't even know about yet.