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Thread: Blade, Gwildor, and Saurod - How important are they to you?

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    All 3 are essential to me.

    While I wouldn't be opposed to a 3-pack, I'd rather see them released individually as monthly figures.
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    I for sure want all three. None of them are in my top 10 but both Blade and Gwildor are probably in my top 15 or 20. Saurod is probably not in my top 20 but still very much wanted.

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    Pretty important:

    - I never had the vintage figures
    - I LOVED the movie, and I want ANY representation we can get, sooo...
    - ...these are pretty much all we've got if they never get the rights to the other stuff.

    So yeah, quite important to me.
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    Must have them!!! hands down some of the coolest Vintage figs and would love to see them re-hashed into MOTUC goodness!!
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    I want all three.

    I don't understand why they don't just create a generic "small person" buck and use the 4H's skills to design overlaying "armor/clothes" so that this buck could be used for Gwildor AND Madame Razz... they might need different feet, but that's not too huge a deal.

    Anyway, like I said, I want them all... they were certainly favorites of mine from the old line... but I'd rather have Angella, Mermista, Sweet Bee, Double Trouble, Flutterina, Peekablue, Spinnerella, Perfuma, Entrapta, Scorpia, Huntara, and Imp first.

    But you know, there's plenty of time to get to 80% of the POP characters that are still left.
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    Incredibly essential to me - the MOTU Movie-era is just as important to me as the early mini comics and Filmation are - I was a big fan of the movie when I was a kid and still am.

    These figures need to come out ASAP!!!
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    I like them but I don't consider them essential to the line.... Blade looks cool but I think there are enough martial artist among the Evil Warriors right now. Not sure about Saurod's potential in MOTUC either. He looked pretty cool in the movie but as a toy without any action feature, I'm not sure he'd be that cool... As for Gwildor.... well, it's Gwildor you know...
    I'd rather have the core characters of POP and NA complete, along with the 3 Rock People and some of the remaining Snake Men and Horde characters first. (see wish list)
    I must admit though that these 3 movie characters are higher than a few vintage characters like Multibot or the Energy zoids (which were probably some of the worst characters from the vintage line: Couldn't make Rotar work or stand... what a piece of junk!)
    But honestly if the line ends without Blade, Saurod and Gwildor, it would hurt me less than not having Scorpia, Glimmer, Granita or Lizard Man!
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    These 3 figures are the most important vintage MOTU figures left IMO, along with Two Bad, Tung Lashor, Mantenna, Modulock. If the line were to end at the end of next year, provided these figures were released (along with the required POP and Filmation figs we've been waiting for) then I'd be a happy camper.

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    Not important to me at all. I didn't like the movie and have no interest in the characters from it. Especially the grotesque dwarf.
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    I think different about the Movie cara.

    Blade: Must have. One of my Favorit.

    Gwildor: Important, but new buck needed and there are more important vintage cara to make.

    Saurod: i dont care. i dont like the cara, to much space. Could be a NA cara.

    I want Blade and a dream comes true if Karg could get a figure.

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    They're not important to me at all.

    However, if MOTUC is an all-encompassing line, then it should include at least one MOTU movie-based figure (if not all three). But, not before the ranks of The Great Rebellion and New Adventures are expanded!

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    As essential as the remaining vintage figures to me. Saurod was a particular favorite of mine when i was a kid.

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    We had the White Sorceress now we need Gwildor!

    And we need Blade and Saurod...

    And ESPECIALLY Karg and the detective Lubic...

    And maybe also Worruck!
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    I DEFINITELY want all three of them!
    200X fan? Classic fan? What does that mean? I'm a MotU fan!!!

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    I guess I'll never get why people like that Lubic character so much...
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    These are a must! They didn't get made yet probably due to the unique molds
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    These are a must for me. The movie was my He-man growing up (born in '83 and only had 4 episodes recorded on tape).
    I'm with the people who want everything movie related (These three plus, Karg, Lubic, God Skeletor, Dolph He-man, Movie Teela, Movie Man-At-Arms, Kevin, Julie, Movie Evil-Lyn, The Soldiers, heck I'd even take a Charlie!)

    And pigboy. Can't forget about pigboy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonblaster View Post
    Both Saurod and Blade were the only things I really loved from that awful movie (even if they simply were substitutes for Kobra Khan and Tri-Klops...).
    I took them as different substitutes

    Saurod = Mer-Man
    Karg = Trap Jaw (the hook)
    Blade = Tri-Klops

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    I never had them as a kid and remember purposely skipping them in stores because they didn't look like they were from the same universe. I actually LIKE all the shared parts so Saurod and Gwildor just didn't do it for me. Blade was closer but looked too boring (a human with knives) next to all these sorcerors and skunk people and tech genius and cyborgs, etc.

    That said, since they were a part of the 80s line, my favorite MOTU era, I would like them in Classics. I think Saurod stands to gain the most with the 4H's sculpt and shared parts. He should look terrific. Blade will be fine, if a little boring. Gwildor is my least fave as I never liked Orko and Gwildor is just another tiny "comic relief" character to me. I want him for completeness and will be happy for the Gwildor fans out there, but he does nothing for me.

    Now I need to update my signature to add the 3 Movie figures.

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    I'm sure I'll like whatever the Horsemen come up with for Blade and Saurod, so I can't wait for them.

    Gwildor however...well, they're gonna have to do something pretty spectacular to blow my skirt up over that little clown!
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    I never cared for the movie, and I have no use at all for the movie characters. they are my least wanted characters in MOTU....and I don't like Spector & SLL.
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    Wanted.... Filmation Mer-Man, Teela & Sorceress
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    Gwildor is fairly important to me...

    In all honesty I've never been a big fan of the movie. I found it very disappointing back in the day, and now I kind of look upon it from sort of an ironic, laughable nostalgic standpoint. It does have it's moments, but for the most part it really failed to capture the essence of MOTU IMO, and it's rather cheesy overall.

    That being said, I would still like to get a Gwildor figure (even though his purpose in the film was to serve as little more than "replacement Orko"). He's kind of grown on me over the years. And since we already got the Cosmic key with Preternia He-Man (a really great likeness of the movie prop, I might add), it would be nice to get Gwildor as well.

    Blade and Saurod are less important to me by comparison. I could actually live without them if they don't get made. But having said that, given the way the actors who played them did those videos to help support MOTUC, I would like to see them get made. And I suppose I would still prefer them over some other vintage MOTU figures. I do hope that when/if we get them, they are "classicized" properly. IMO they always kind of stood out like a sore thumb compared to most of the other vintage figures since they were aiming for that "movie look", which differed to some extent from the standard vintage figure look. It would be nice if they make them recognizable as the characters from the movie, while also making them look like they fit right in with the rest of Skeletor's warriors.

    Here's kind of how I would rank the remaining vintage MOTU figures that have not been released or announced yet for MOTUC:

    Absolutely most important to me:
    Horde Trooper

    Not quite as important, but would still like to see in the line if it goes long enough:
    Tung Lashor

    Would be nice to see, but not as important as the above figures:

    Rio Blast (to a much lesser extent than the two above, and only if he is done really well)

    I couldn't care less if these figures never get made:
    (this sentiment goes especially for the two figures below

    And this is only taking Vintage MOTU into account. There are some other POP characters, Filmation character, etc., that would fall within those first two categories that would definitely rank above Blade and Saurod, and in most cases Gwildor as well.

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    Blade and Ninjor are me two most wanted of the vintage figs yeah very important to me. Blade is a must, Saurod is a semi-must, Gwildor either way but Blade for sure no doubt about.

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    Gwildor is one of my favorite characters and Saurod and Blade are great too. So I'd be sad if they did not make it to this line.
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    Personally, I never need a Gwildor. Too much tooling resources that can't be reused in another figure. Maybe if they made him as a barely articulated lump of plastic, ala Cringer, I wouldn't mind.

    I'd like Saurod and Blade, especially after the Pons Maar and Anthony De Longis sub support videos. Get those guys some figures!

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