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Thread: Blade, Gwildor, and Saurod - How important are they to you?

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    Don't care either way... mind you, a special 'Movie 3-Pack' would probably be cool (but expensive).
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    I don't know why we haven't seen at least Blade yet. He would require hardly any new tooling. He'd be a good way to keep costs down for Matty in a year and yet still give us a new character.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evenflow View Post
    Lubic would be my #3 most wanted after #1 Scorpia, #2 Eldor.
    Yeah! Another soldier in the Lubic Army!
    Check my wishlist:

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    7 Mask Of Power demons
    8 Huntara
    9 Gnoll
    10 Vultak
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    They'll never be in my Top 10 list of MOTU wants (maybe not even in the Top 20) but i'd still end up getting them all the same. They complete the 'bigger picture' for me in my collection.
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    They are not important to me at all...that being said, I would still like them to be made for the folks who do want them.

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    I think that they are very important to the collection. It would be a perfect tribute to the people who played them. They should be sold separately, so Blade, Karg, Saurod, Gwildor, Worruk, Detective Lubic, The Centurions, and Eternian Guardsmen could all have their day in the sun.

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    absolutely important!!!!

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    All three are very important for me--in fact, the more we move into what I personally see as the absolute dregs of the vintage MOTU line-up (e.g., Rio, the Rock People, and Twistoid's heroic counterpart, whose name I'm drawing a blank on at the moment--no offense intended for folks who like those characters), the more important they become to me. Of course, that being said, I still don't see them as being as essential as some of the A-list POP and NA characters that are left.

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    As a kid I was absolutely dissapointed with the movie.

    These three characters hold a sour place in my heart. I'd be just fine never seeing them but if they were made I'd keep saurod probably now.

    I'd go out and buy a bratz doll, make a necklace displaying it, put a t-shirt on that said "sassy girl" and wear them to a production meeting at work before I'd ever even consider owning a Gwildor.

    (no offense to BRATZ fans)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dice View Post
    I'd go out and buy a bratz doll, make a necklace displaying it, put a t-shirt on that said "sassy girl" and wear them to a production meeting at work before I'd ever even consider owning a Gwildor.
    You mean you don't do that already?

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    They are neither very important to me, nor on my "most hated" list. The evil warriors represent only a portion of the "curious quartet" from the movie that I know I can never have. So interest wanes based on never having them be complete. Beast Man, while being represented in MOTUC, had a very cool design that meshed with the other bounty hunters and would have been a very cool variant for him.

    and Karg, oh Karg. The worst and most fascinating of the 4. He not only lead the group, under Lyn's authority, but he lived till the end of the flick (unlike Saurod) and his hook hand is a little bit of MOTUC magic that makes him memorable - plus, the 4H could use Netossa's hair for him.

    Alas, without the movie rights, I'll buy them but I'm in no hurry at all.
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    Saurod is a MUST for me...I would love to have Blade....and Gwildor is just kinda there for me. I would buy him for sure if he was made though. Karg would be a excellent addition as well!

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    All three are of great importance to me. I love the look of Blade, but I think it was the "Save the line" video by Anthony DeLongis that really made me want that figure even more. Gwildor is essential to the entire mythos as he is the creator of the Cosmic Key, and I'd love to see just how Scott fits him into the bios. And Saurod has such a unique look, far different from any of the Snake Men, that I think he would make for an extremely interesting figure.
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    Post PowerCon, the two figures I want most are Blade (in honor of Anthony De Longis) and Crita (in honor of Jack Olesker).

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    I pretty much stopped buying the line myself last year (still pick up what the kids want though). Despite all the issues I have, I would still come back and buy a Gwildor for me if they made him.


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    They are essential in my opinion and from all the remaining vintage characters, Gwildor is the one I'm anticipating the most. I'd hate to see him left out.
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    These 3 figures are very important to this line!!! I think a 3 pack of these guys would be a perfect SDCC or Power Con Exclusive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robzy View Post
    Don't care either way... mind you, a special 'Movie 3-Pack' would probably be cool (but expensive).
    I'd be down with a 3-pack for sure, they could crazy with the accessories, give 2 heads to Gwildor and Blade, allow for a "spark effect" snap-on accessory for Saurod, have as many removable knives and such for Blade, maybe throw in some "Easter Egg" style weapons from other movie characters, and so on . . .

    I'd pay $100 for such a pack.

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    Seeing the actors still so involved has made me more enthusiatic for their figures.

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    I would like to see them in MOTUC style but they are not my most wanted characters, though.

    Anyway I'm pretty sure we are going to receive them sooner or later; last july during the "subscription crysis" they used them as a reason for keeping supporting the line. (In Anthony De Longis and Pons Maar videos for instance)

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    -Skelly fea God gold outfit
    -bounty hunters incl Karg
    -Eternian guards

    Hell yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    most imporTANT TO ME . OR AS IMPORTANT AS HE MAN or skeletor. not big on background figures away from the vintage 80s toys , but i would secretly buy karg if he was made

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    Very important! The movie figures are great, Blade and Saurod are awesome villains and I think they'd look incredible in MOTUC.
    I would also love to see Karg and God Skeletor if possible. I have no interest in figures of any of the humans though.
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    Everything that existed in toy form in the 80s is important to me.

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    I want all 3 badly!!
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