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Thread: Beasts of the Mesozoic kickstarter

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    Beasts of the Mesozoic kickstarter

    Highly articulated dinosaur action figures. Work in multiple scales. 'Nuf said. *drops the mic*
    Classics TGR figures should be Filmation-based, but they NEED MORE COWBELL!

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    Those look real nice.

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    These look really cool,I just wish the scaling was a little bigger to look better next to 6 inch figures

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    Well, on second glance (after reading Wikipedia)I found out raptor stood only about 2 feet tall? Jurassic park has tainted my mind So,if anything the scale on these are bigger than real world proportions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekk-ra View Post

    Highly articulated dinosaur action figures. Work in multiple scales. 'Nuf said. *drops the mic*
    They should make articulated figures of modern animals too..I think they suffer from the same problem of dino figures..I would love to have an articulated lion,tiger or elephant figure.

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    I pledged for this Kickstarter as these things look amazing. Though they are scaled to 1/6 figures technically I think they actually work better mixing in with the 1/12 scale stuff. I pledged for the Atrociraptor (black feathers) and the osmolskae exclusive (blue feathers). Depending on the stretch goal reveals I could add at least one more.

    The project is funded past the first stretch goal and is likely to hit the second stretch goal today. There are still 16 days left in the campaign and it has a real shot to unlock all 5 of it's stretch goals.

    Very excited about this one.

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    Thanks! I saw this thread, and as soon as I saw the sculpting of these I backed for all three. These are fantastic!
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