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Thread: Two-Bad Will Not be an Oversized Figure

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    Two-Bad Will Not be a Larger Than Standard Figure

    Read this one in the Q & A's:

    Kastorís Korner: Ram-Man, while larger than a standard MOTU figure, is the first non-giant or beast deluxe figure. Does his release suggest that other off-size characters, such as Two-Bad or Modulok, would also likely be considered deluxe figures, if they were to be made?

    Mattel: Less so for Two-Bad but we could potentially see Modulok or Multi=bot being released this way. Two Bad is really a basic figure. He isnít larger, just has two heads and a slightly wider chest.

    I was under the assumption that Two-Bad would be a larger than standard figure like Ram-Man but it doesn't look like it.

    This is pretty disappointing since not only would it be a good balance to have an oversized figure for both the good and evil warriors but I'm also a little concerned about how he would look with just a larger chest sculpt on the smaller waist and legs.

    I know that's how he was done for the vintage line but I always thought it looked a little goofy and was hoping that they would improve on it for the Classics line.
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