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Thread: FS: Loose Complete MOTU/POP Collection... tips for a newbie seller?

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    FS: Loose Complete MOTU/POP Collection... tips for a newbie seller?

    As a kid, I (and my Dad, I suppose) collected darn near all the vintage MOTU/POP action figures. When the collection started, they were toys, so nothing is still on the card/in the box, but I did keep all the weapons together with each figure. I also have all the animals, vehicles, fortresses, accessories, even Eternia . Again, all gently played with and been boxed up for probably 15 years now. I have a couple duplicate figures I plan to keep for remembrance, but I'm basically looking to offload everything for cash.

    Are there people here (or elsewhere -- eBay, etc.) that would take the entire collection off my hands at once? I'm looking to minimize the amount of time I spend cataloging and photographing everything, but maybe that's inevitable. Any tips for getting top dollar for my loose, complete collection?

    Thanks much in advance!

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    I sent you a PM.Lmk
    Your friendly neighborhood org member!

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    I have sent you a PM let me know when you get a chance thanks

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