View Poll Results: What are the MUST HAVE BEASTS in MOTUC?

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  • Stridor

    159 69.43%
  • Battle Bones

    85 37.12%
  • Storm

    46 20.09%
  • Mantisaur

    134 58.52%
  • Battle Lion

    80 34.93%
  • Night Stalker

    126 55.02%
  • Clawdeen

    73 31.88%
  • Bionatops

    75 32.75%
  • Arrow

    69 30.13%
  • Mer-Man's Octopus

    37 16.16%
  • Ice Hacker

    20 8.73%
  • Teela's Golden Unicorn Charger

    64 27.95%
  • Tyrantasuarus Rex

    70 30.57%
  • Molkrom

    40 17.47%
  • Gigantisaur

    42 18.34%
  • Crystal Sundancer

    31 13.54%
  • Sea Harp

    26 11.35%
  • Turbodactyl

    62 27.07%
  • Manticore

    23 10.04%
  • Chadzar

    22 9.61%
  • Butterflyer

    21 9.17%
  • Gorgone

    27 11.79%
  • Enchanta

    31 13.54%
  • Azdar

    23 10.04%
  • Sorrowful

    27 11.79%
  • Crystal Moonbeam

    31 13.54%
  • Morning Star

    19 8.30%
  • Serpos

    44 19.21%
  • Battle Raptor

    28 12.23%
  • Belzar

    24 10.48%
  • Shadow Wing

    23 10.04%
  • Collossor

    41 17.90%
  • Sh'Gora

    28 12.23%
  • Rabar (Rock Monster)

    26 11.35%
  • Other (please explain)

    29 12.66%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Shezar in MOTUC please! The All American's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
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    The Princess of Power horses are essentials! My sister had all of those, and they were some of the best beasts amongst all the lines. With the Swiftwind mold, these would be easy to make. Come on, Mattel!

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
    didnt see a monstroid but he gets a vote.

    that being said stridor and nightstalker are a no brainer.

    as is moreso, clawdeen

    but for my money i am supprised how much i would want teelas unicorn. maybe just because i can picture battleground teela so vividly riding it majesticly

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    Heroic Warrior King Tamusk's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    At 94 votes, the current results are...

    1st - Stridor
    2nd - Night Stalker
    3rd - Mantisaur
    4th - Battle Lion
    5th - Battle Bones
    6th - Bionatops
    7th - Tyrantasaurus Rex, Arrow (tie)
    8th - Clawdeen
    9th - Turbodactyl
    10th - Storm

    I'm sad to see Teela's Golden Unicorn Charger getting bumped from the top ten, but it's still up there at the 11th spot. Also good to see Mer-Man's Octopus and Gigantisaur tied for 12th. I am personally surprised to see Battle Bones so high on the list at 5th place. I would think Bionatops or Tyrantisaurus would be beating him. I do regret forgetting to put Monstroid on the initial list. I think he would be pretty high ranking also.

    Keep Voting!

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    Heroic Warrior Lentzquest's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    Only voted for Mantisaur. As a major faction leader Hordak really needs a proper mount before anybody else.

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    Heroic Warrior mollusc herald's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by VaultsofGrayskull View Post
    How come the GLORM from He-Man Meets Ram-Man keeps getting left off these lists? The best minicomic beast ever imagined!
    The Glorm would be great! Bring on more four-armed goodness!

    An up-and-coming Stridor/Nightstalker would have me excited.

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    Heroic Warrior He-Kal's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    DEFINITELY Stridor as #1. Would really like a Battle Lion as well, but if Stridor isn't made--this line will always feel incomplete

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    Vintage Vintage Vintage Vlcan's Avatar
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    To The Ends Of The Earth....
    Stridor,Night Stalker,Battle Bones & Mantisaur......we need Hordaks ride.
    Where's Landshark?? I always considered Landshark as an actual beast. I always thought he was half shark & half robot for some reason. He was merged together to serve in battles with Skeletor.

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    Pillar of the Community hadley's Avatar
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    Mantisaur is the only MUST for me. The others sure would be cool though!

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    Double Trouble is MINE!! Shadow-Ra's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Kingdom of Green Glade
    I want the Horde's Dark Riders - they'd look amazing joining the Horde's ranks

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    Heroic Warrior
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    London, England
    The Glorm.

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    Heroic Warrior No-Ah's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by HordeMonkey View Post
    I really, really want Mer-man's giant flying fish thingy from the MYP cartoon with an opening mouth you can put figures inside!
    This is #1 for me..... Even if it was a rip-off the of big gobafish from The Phantom Menace!

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    Got Filmation? shadowfall1976's Avatar
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    A Damn Mitten....
    I voted for Battle Bones....I just don't care about any of the others....but Stridor would be cool, Battle Lion, Clawdeen, even Catra's cat form would be cool to see, but I personally don't need them....want upon seeing them made....would be a totally different story.

    I didn't need Swiftwind or Griffin, but after seeing them, I wanted both.
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    Stridor in MOTUC! RockinHard's Avatar
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    Stridor and Night Stalker are musts! Mantisaur would be awesome as well!
    My seller/trader/buyer feedback:

    MOTUC Most Wanted: 1) Stridor 2) Road Ripper 3) Dragon Walker 4) Land Shark

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    Heroic Warrior Durendal's Avatar
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    COLOSSOR. Full stop.

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    Heroic Warrior Count Judas's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow-Ra View Post
    I want the Horde's Dark Riders - they'd look amazing joining the Horde's ranks

    100x Yes to this! Forget Storm and give us these much cooler flying beast! A Horde horse with bat wings and helmet, too cool!

    Plus Catra's panther form should be in there for voting as a must have.
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    THEIR KILLIN TEH LIEN !! uaxuctum's Avatar
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    I'm surprised the rabar/rock monster/sand demon isn't getting the love it deserves as possibly the most iconic Filmation creature.

    The ABC giants, for their part, should have been together as a single entry in the poll, since I don't think it would make sense to release them separately. And that would have left some room for some of the many other beasts that are missing from the poll, such as wolfbats, dragosaur, Bakull, Grimalkin, Yog/Korlok, serpentoids, cavern monster (rhinoelephant), drachadon, sandipede, spidersaur, shrieker, catcher plant, Karock, etc.
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    Snappy Threader
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    Mantisaur and Bionatops are the two for sure needed in my opinion.

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    Motuc Blister Eater OnlyOneSkeletor's Avatar
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    A thousand dimensions
    Rabar is indeed an iconic Filmation Monster.
    To me,here are few others that are needed to end up the brand the best way as possible:
    Mantisaur & Tyrantysaurus Rex, how ridiculous does a big villain look without his own minacious companion?
    Molkrom being so massive so "baddass" he's an absolute requested one.
    Serpos (in case Snake Mountain should never come,down in the line) seriously, he's awesome!!

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    Heroic Warrior Colossor's Avatar
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    Colossor for obvious reasons, and I think he'd be a good fit alongside Procrustus and the other giants. Molkrom would be epic just cobble together parts of swift wind a basic buck torso some Octavia tentacles and a new head sculpt and there you go right? Would love a sand demon in a scale comparable to the shadow beast. Stridor and NightStalker for Fisto and Jitsu. Daimar or uncle Montork's dinosaur would be cool as well.

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    Heroic Classics Warrior Gerrit127's Avatar
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    For me Battle Lion would be the easiest to make and the cheapest, wonder why we haven't seen him already ?

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Quote Originally Posted by uaxuctum View Post
    I'm surprised the rabar/rock monster/sand demon isn't getting the love it deserves as possibly the most iconic Filmation creature.
    I want an official version of that so bad. Give it interchangeable heads and repaint them in tan for the Sand Demons- I'd buy so many. Those Rock Monsters, Cambro, and Dragoon might be the most iconic Filmation creatures.

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    I am Tri-Klops! Vahn's Avatar
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    In order:

    1. Night Stalker (the most bad-ass steed on Eternia [by the way, how is it even possible for there to be a discrepancy between Stridor and Night Stalker? Who are these people that want one and not the other?])
    2. Stridor (duh, if we get one, the other is almost guaranteed, so why not have both?)
    3. Clawdeen (more interesting than Catra riding a plain old horse [especially if she's in her cat form at the time])
    4. Charger (Teela deserves a mount, and they already have the tooling done for him. Plus I like unicorns)
    5. Arrow (I know he's just another horse, but he's one of the only ones that looks sort of unique [I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I'd prefer the short-maned Filmation look, but blue like the original toy])
    6. Gorgone (OK, important? No. But she would be so amazing! I can think of some funny poses for her and 4-Armed Peanut-Butter Jesus)
    7. Serpos (might not be that fun of a toy [not much you can do with a non-bendy snake], but an important enough beast that I'd want one if they made it)
    8. Battle Lion (eh, I'm sure it'll just be Battle Cat with a new head, but that's still kind of cool)
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    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Arkangel's Avatar
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    yay! Stridor is leading the way! Finally one of my favourites has a general acceptance

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    Heroic Warrior gbagok's Avatar
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    I'm probably just becoming cynical but by now I feel as though there are no "MUST HAVE" beasts left, only really really nice to have if we can.

    With that in mind the beast I'd be most excited to get at this point is the Tactrill from "The Remedy." And, you know, if they want to do a green one for us Blackstar fans....

    I owned this one at the same time I got He-Man and Battle Cat so he was like He-Man second steed for me. Wonderful toy, would be outstanding in Classics via the Filmation option.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Jan 2009
    The only must have as far as I'm concerned is Battle cat. Any other is just a bonus and although I would like more like Teela's Unicorn, they're not must haves.

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