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Thread: Curious what fans think - do you want a cost reduced 20.00 figure?

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    Leave as is...i collect loose and MOC, u would lose half my business.

    and beside u drop the price down back to $20 without weapons, packaging and less deco and ppl will ***** that these figures are not worth $20!!! They should cost 15$ then what? figures with no heads until a head pack comes out later in the yr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1592 View Post
    I still believe the cost is overly inflated as it is. People can say what they want, but we've now seen TWO retailers selling the same overstock as Matty for less then we can buy them from the website.

    It's a bit ridiculous.

    Lower price. Lower Shipping.

    If matty will give them away to Retailers at some kind of loss... why are they boosting the price for the overstock for THEIR customers?!?
    I agree n disagree, new figures stay the same, old figures should be at a reduced price or at least 20-22$

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    Id be fine getting them poly-bagged since I toss the packaging aside from the bios out anyway. Perhaps offer both options?
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    Quote Originally Posted by InspectorZartan View Post
    But here is a thought... How about next year offering subscribers the option of either signing up for a carded subscription at the current price or a pollybagged subscription at a reduced price. This seems like it would please everyone. MOC collectors can keep getting the figures the way they want them, openers would get what they want a little cheaper, and a lot less plastic would end up in the landfill from the loose collectors opening their figures. GI Joe club kind of does something like this already where they produce their convention boxed set both with packaging and without and they release their yearly membership figure both carded and loose.

    I personally collect Masters figures both MOC and loose so if you offered the option I would gladly sign up for both a MOC sub and a pollybagged sub.
    I think this option would actually inadvertently create an additional sku for each and every figure (and as far as I know companies have to pay state fees for each new sku to be sold on the marketplace) - so each release would be fractured into two separate warehouse items... The warehouses would then have to account for two 'types' of figures and deal with them accordingly... This might incur more work on the warehouse/fulfillment staff and could ultimately in the long run make them more expensive.

    Also there would be a need to predetermine how many carded figures vs. poly-bagged figures would sell... How would they know? 50/50? 75/25?

    Lastly, the less packaging materials printed the more expensive it would ultimately become to print them. So even though there would be less MOC figures - they might end up actually being MORE expensive because less packaging was printed for that particular figure. It is amazing how cheap printing materials can become per piece the more tens of thousands you print. Low runs = HIGH PRICES.

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    LEAVE EVERYTHING JUST THE WAY IT IS!!! Like most people have said so far, I'm perfectly fine with the $25 for the figure, its the shipping that's KILLING my budget. With shipping I'm paying like $40 to $45 depending on the amount of figures that month! If you're going to change anything, change shipping costs! And for the record, Fangman is TOTALLY worth the price!!
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    Cheaper shipping would be better... rework the packaging perhaps (but no bag!)
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    I'd be fine with polybags - no other cuts though, although you already dropped stuff (Strobo's blaster or Netossa's sword for example...)

    Quote Originally Posted by Replikor View Post
    They already do and everybody seems to accept it!
    Look at Netossa. She only has a shield! Where are her sword or tiara?
    Oh you can get her sword? Yes - but you'll have to pay extra (Weapons Pack), although we were promised that that price raise was supposed to ensure that items don't get dropped.

    Oh btw - no the cape does not count. Even if it did she'd have less than most figures we bought for less money!
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    Please leave everything as it is now! I don't want reduced deco or fewer accessories!
    And using polybags would make MOC collectors leave the line. I for example have two subs because I want each figure Loose and MOC. If you used polybags, I definitely would buy only one sub and not two.
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    Leave everything as is Scott. I am fine paying what I'm paying for the figures.
    I don't want cheaper low quality figs.

    They are perfect the way they are. No need to change things.

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    Keep the same price and quality. As others have said, shipping is killing things. BBTS has a pile of loot, so you can save on shipping. I was one of the few who chose the ship all at once option in 2009 fort the first 4 month sub. I know that DR is terrible and couldn't logistically find their way out of a paper bag, but having the option of all figures shipping at once or twice a year would be great. And the often touted to be impossible combining SUB shipping with day of sales would bring you a lot more business as well. I know that is impossible, and would require a miracle, just like getting the My SUB page up, but here's to hoping this could be implemented before the end of the line. Fingers crossed for 2016!

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    Offer em 2 ways.....

    Polly Bag - same accessories / 20.00

    Moc - Same price they are now.

    gives options, and MORE bizz for people who want a few to open. Win, win.
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    I think the frustration many are expressing is coming from the multitude of mistakes and subpar stuff lately paired with heafty price increase. I think fans would tolerate the increase more if we stopped having broken figures...its hard to swollow paying 100 for granny only to have him be broken. ...better paint apps....the painting over black plastic comes to mind as well as other things like nessys cape....and also counting capes as assesories when u never have before and when we just went through a big price increase to save such things.

    Now I realize some of these things werent expected by you or were implemented in advance without the foresight of knowing about an increase in price...but I think you should also understand from a customer perspective what we have experienced lately is a lot of errors bad cs and a price increase. instead of threatening deco and accessory reductions I think a better tactic would be to more thouroughly explain that with this new price increase will hopfully also come less of the bad we have been experiencing as of late and then more importantly follow through with that. I think overall this line is great and u have done a great job but there have been a lot of issues lately and it is hard in conjunction with this new increase.
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    I'm not sure what the point is in offering customers lower quality figures. It's just a really odd question to ask when the line has a style that is fundamental to its existence. By all means try and save a few dollars by removing those utterly pointless and inconvenient rubber bands from the packaging, but don't expect support for a 'value' version of the Classics.
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    Packaging reduction would lead to 1 less sub from me and many MOC collectors I'd imagine. I'd be curious to know if those complaining about Fang Man on Facebook are subscribers or not. If we can finish out MOTUC at current price/quality, I'm in (2 subs).

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    Quote Originally Posted by orbles View Post
    I dont want poly bagged figs with no accessories. I want what we have for the price we are paying, if that means the paint aps are great and the accessories are worthy. I think with the higher price we should continue to get 2 accessories per figure and I do not count, nor have you in the past, a cape as an accessory.

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    The real problem that I see is with the shipping cost. It's kinda absurd. I don't pay that much in shipping anywhere else.

    That being said, if anything HAD to go I'd hope it was the packaging. I would not continue to collect the line if quality, paint or accessories got cut.
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    As with others, I collect loose and MOC and would be livid if my collection didn't maintain the continuity of packaging. I think it would be a poor decision. I'm fine with the price. Nobody likes to pay more and it's nice to be able to vent about it online but I don't think many would want to reduce aspects of the product at this point. I'm fine with offering a choice between carded and bagged but would be devastated if bagged was the only option.

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    I don't care about the packaging, it goes to the trash anyway so polly bags are fine with me.

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    I pre-ordered the Year of the Snake repaint of Omega Supreme from Big Bad Toy Store. This is a 14 or so inch tall figure that weighs about twice as much as a MOTUC giant figure. The shipping on it was through UPS and was around $12.79. Shipping for one regular size MOTUC figure via UPS is $14.10. At 27 dollars for the figure alone, that puts the cost over $40 before tax is even added. For me, tax puts it very close to $45. The shipping costs on MOTUC are way out of step with the norm. Honestly, it feels like your shipping costs are set by the guys on eBay. When you factor that in with the sub-standard customer service that Digital River has provided and the quality issues from Mattel, you get a lot of people questioning if the price of these figures is worth it.

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    I say: keep the price and make the best figures that are possible at this price point - as you do most of the time.

    BUT: the international shipping is really a pain in the ... - I bought a griffin yesterday on matty (missed him the first time, he was around). Even on I would have saved 5 USD, but I wanted to show support to the line, and bought it on matty, but really - the shipping costs are really, really very high.
    Maybe there is some love for us european motu fans, and a possibilty to reduce the shipping costs

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    Quote Originally Posted by VictoryLiger View Post
    I pre-ordered the Year of the Snake repaint of Omega Supreme from Big Bad Toy Store. This is a 14 or so inch tall figure that weighs about twice as much as a MOTUC giant figure. The shipping on it was through UPS and was around $12.79. Shipping for one regular size MOTUC figure via UPS is $14.10. At 27 dollars for the figure alone, that puts the cost over $40 before tax is even added. For me, tax puts it very close to $45. The shipping costs on MOTUC are way out of step with the norm. Honestly, it feels like your shipping costs are set by the guys on eBay. When you factor that in with the sub-standard customer service that Digital River has provided and the quality issues from Mattel, you get a lot of people questioning if the price of these figures is worth it.
    I am relatively new to MOTUC, and I've only been collecting since late 2012. Pretty sure people have been complaining about DR since late 2008. Many of these complaints kept me away from this line. So if you do the math. That is 4 years of complaints.

    Your post is a perfect example. Why does DR charge so much? Why is Company X able to ship a larger, heavier item for less money? Why has a company like Mattel not been able to source out a new handler for their items? 4 years of customers agreeing to pay is the answer.

    4 years of accepting things the way they are. Now we arrive at this thread, where in order to save $$$ on our end, the consumer, we are offered less from the producer. Notice a pattern emerging?

    I have chosen to get my MOTUC from third party dealers, or when on sale. For me, money talks, and I don't feel these figures are worth the 2013 price point. I'll get them for $20 (or less) or not at all. This is true for many collectors. The real 'vocal minority' are the fans posting here, gobbling up figures at $27, buying multiple subs, and refusing to question or boycott the current practices and price points.

    You want to save the line? You don't even have to spend $1 on marketing, new packaging or new logistics. Drop the price back to $22 per figure. Drop Digital River, and find a new cost effective means of shipping to your large International fan base. Stop dropping your overstock into other retailers, and offer up unsold merch to fans at a slight discount. Toss out some freebies to entice new subscriptions/apologize to those you have ticked off and lost. Think of ways to produce extra pieces/content that are cost effective and will sell, instead of measures that take away from your product/presentation.

    There, the line is saved.
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    Keep the price "as is".

    DO NOT get rid of the packaging!! As has been mentioned many, many times in this thread, it will only doom the line. If MOC collectors are phased out of the line, sub numbers will drop dramatically.
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    Don't reduce the accessories or deco.

    If you want to change something for 2014, make it the shipping:

    1. Make it cheaper
    2. Make it so subscribers can combine anything we want
    3. Let us change services on the My Sub page.

    And thank you for coming to us for input!
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    Keep as is!!! Brilliant figues!! Just cheaper, trackable international shipping like USPS Priority Intl would help though. But regardless subscriber to the bitter end!
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    Shipping defiantly seems to be the main issue across the board. I think that if that can get another hard look thoroughly to see what can be done from not only a provider point of view, but with "newer" negotiations on bulk rates I think you'd see that some head way can in fact be made in that area alone.

    It would also pay to see if what is currently implemented in the system is 100% correct in regard to the rates and if any cuts can be made on either the shipping or handling side.

    Combined shipping in some magnitude also REALLY needs to be looked in to.

    We all understand that rates do in fact go up and such, but I think that the shipping and all of its facets would be the #1 place to start rather then the cuts proposed.

    If that could be the focus of what's looked in to and some what improved that would do a world of wonders for the current state of things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post
    This would likely include things like very minimal packaging (i.e. a polly bag), no accessories and reduced deco.

    I'm not too fussed about packaging; it's more of a nuisance to me personally and it's not like it was designed to keep the figures/accessories damage free (what with the strain put on some of the parts), but HELL TO THE NO on getting rid of accessories and reducing deco.
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