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Thread: Have: Jitsu and Ram Man for Sale or Trade

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    Have: Jitsu and Ram Man for Sale or Trade

    Ok since I worked out a deal with a member here to buy their vintage MOTUC characters that means I have an extra Ram Man and Jitsu coming my way. My want list is small so I am willing to sell outright and will ship internationally if needed. Below is my want list for MOTUC and DCU

    Saint Walker

    Battle Armor Faker (yeah I know it's a pipe dream)

    I would also be willing to trade both for the new Power Rangers Legacy Morpher. If you want to just purchase outright send me a reasonable offer. Thanks for looking guys.
    Mattel I demand the following:

    Spinwit,Spinnerella, The Scientists, Rio Blast, Mara, Crita, Kayo, Mermista,

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    PM sent to you.

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