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Thread: selling my music CDs

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    selling my music CDs

    I've gone purely digital format, and don't even own a proper CD player outside of my PC anymore so my CDs tend to just take up space.

    $1 - Every Mother's Nightmare - Wake Up Screaming
    $1 - Lauren Christy - Breed
    $3 - Stevie Ray Vaughn - Coudn't Stand The Weather, 2-disc Legacy Edition
    $3 - Trudy Lynn - U Don't Know What Time It Is
    $4 - Gwen Stefani - Love Angel Music Baby deluxe edition- digipak book CD case, CD folder in plastic wrap, storage box

    Or take all $5 for $10. Postage will be extra.

    EMN has some very light scratches, but a rough shape case. The other discs are fine.

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