We've been making updates to the post at the link above as inventory is getting even smaller. We are now sold out of NA He-Man.

We are offering a new bundle set for Clamp Champ with Karatti for $78 USD plus shipping. Clamp Champ is a subscriber only figure with a very limited production number. A second bundle set is offered with Geldor and Karatti for $106.

Most of the figures listed at our store have 1 left, while a few have 2-4 remaining.

Those of you that are looking for a bargain and catch-up on any missing or upcoming figures in your collections might want to place an order with us soon.

Currently we are down the following figures and pre-orders available. If a figure is no longer listed, that's because it sold out.

MOTUC Castaspella $32 - 1 Left
MOTUC Snake Face $31.99 - 1 Left
Geldor with subscriber only sticker sheet (PRE-ORDER) $37.99 - 4 Left
Plundor (PRE-ORDER) $33.99 - 1 Left
Ra’s al Ghul (PRE-ORDER & Sold In Bundle Sets ONLY) - 2 Left
Batzarro (PRE-ORDER) $25.99 - 1 Left
Karatti – $18 - 2 Left
DC Ocean Master $20.00 - 2 Left
DC Ra’s al Ghul, Batzarro, Ocean Master $73.99 - 1 Left
MOTUC Clamp Champ, Karatti $78 - 2 Left (Clamp Champ has 4, Karatti has 2)
MOTUC Clamp Chammp, Geldor, Karatti $106 - 2 Left (Clamp Champ has 4, Karatti has 2, Geldor has 4)
MOTUC NA He-Man, Karatti $50 - 1 Left
Hasbro Marvel Legends 2012 Wave 2 Big-Time Spider-Man GREEN Variant – $14.99 - 1 Left

Thank you for your interest and we hope to do business with you.

Don’t see a bundle set you want? Make up your own and send us your offer to