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Thread: Motuc Neptunians: Evil minions of merman

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    Motuc Neptunians: Evil minions of merman

    I ever thought : merman is a Ocean warlord? Where the hell are all his henchman??

    Finally, Three in a row are slithering out from the depths

    1. Krakor : my imagination of a German audioplay Charakter. The audioplay s called: 'der feurige Eisvogel.' He also got influance from the neptunian People from an old ladybird Book . The German word for octopus is 'kraken'

    2. As a Kid One of my absolutely favorited figures was neptul. Today i Know he's from blackstar. But As a Kid i thought He was a Master of the Universe and i was the only One who had that cool figure in my hometown ^^
    so i had to do this. Yes the vintage Head is a Little Bit too Big and vintage. But for me its okay. Just a nice nostalgic Feeling . And Hey its a Fish. Fishes are all ugly As hell ^^

    3. Is the aquanaut. I Know.. This 'Special Head' is not really famous in the custom Section ^^ but i have so much Palace guards heads. Don't Know what to do with them.
    Here is no Story for that Charakter. Maybe He is a Lost-in-the-sea Palace Guard. Now living under the spell of the Ocean warlord. He is a Little Bit a Fun custom.


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